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  • Witcher Podcast?

    I remember Aaron saying that he and Alexis were going to do some type of rough Witcher show podcast. Anyone know if this was scrapped?

    Think it's going to be released after the holidays, in January.

    It's not episode by episode,  I think 2 parts covering the first 4 episodes, and the last 4. Or it might be 1 part covering the entire season.  Can't remember.
  • MLB 2021

    Chinaski said:
    yeah it's just a big political mess that @bizmarkiefader basically laid out. i have thoughts, but it's so exhausting. if i had to guess they're going to end up in LV which is pretty gross. we'll see what happens, baseball in general is complete laughable mess at the moment so it's hard to be optimistic about anything with that sport. 

    Ugg, not LV. San Jose might be ok, but no more Vegas!
  • RIP in 2021

    Mr. Dean Stockwell, of Quantum Leap and BSG fame.
  • MLB 2021

    Chinaski said:
    Cory said:
    I used to know theirI played ALOT of Ken Griffey Press Major League Baseball, which was based on the 1993 season.
    same here! my best friend and i cut school to stay home and edit all the generic baseball player names to the MLB player names. the braves and the mariners were my teams in that game, so fun!

    Yes I used to edit them all too.

    I mostly used the Braves, Expos and Blow Jays. But also used the CiSox, Cubs,  Yankees and Dodgers a lot too. They all had hidden gems.

    Dodgers had Strawberry hidden on the bench with a 9 Pow.

    Cubs had insane defense, backed by Rick Wilkins 31 Homer season (his next career high was like 7) and 9 Def. Sosa had a 30-30 season and somehow a 9 Def. Shawn Dunston and Mark Grace had 10 Def. Ryne Sandberg had a 9 Def, and Willie Wilson was hiding on the bench with 9 Speed and 9 Def.

    Yankees had Kevin Maas on the bench with 10 Pow.

    White Sox had Bo Jackson with an 8 Pow, but hit Homer's like he was a 15 Pow. Ozzie Guillen hit way more than he should have, too.