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  • MLB 2021

    Chinaski said:
    Cory said:
    One more win and we party like it’s 1999.
    5 more and we party like its 1995.
    The dream. We need to exorcise some of these Atlanta sports demons. 
    despite the outcome, the 1991 World Series is my favorite WS of my lifetime. to this day i can still name that Braves starting lineup.

    I was 11 that year, and just barely getting into the Braves.

    1993 was the year I started watching them on TBS regularly (it was much better than watching the Blow Jays on TSN & CBC).

    I can tell you the Braves 1993 lineup both pre and post the McGriff trade. I can tell you Gant and Justice had 21 and 20 HR at the time of the trade (July 7th, I think) and McGriff had 18. Crime Dog hit 2 his first game as a Brave, and another his next game. Justice sneaked one in there somewhere and they all had 21.

    I can tell you most of the lineups final stats, starting rotation, their records and ERA. I used to know their bench and bullpen just as well. I remember they switched closers mid-season. Greg McMichael had 27 saves, but lefty Mike Stanton finished the year with 19.

    I know the 1993 Jays nearly as well.

    I used to know all 28 teams starting lineups and stats and rotations and a lot of bullpen.

    I played ALOT of Ken Griffey Press Major League Baseball, which was based on the 1993 season.
  • MLB 2021

    One more win and we party like it’s 1999.
    5 more and we party like its 1995.
  • Only Murders In The Building

    Dee said:
    @CretanBull I thought that was just me! Was tie dye guy ever mentioned before?
    Yup, in episode one.
  • Only Murders In The Building

    Started binging last night, well 1am this morning. After a brief nap and coffee run I finished episode 4, and before I could lookup when episode 5 would come out i was pleasant surprised to see it available.

    It's been a fun ride so far, and Gomez hasn't been annoying as I was anticipating.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Hatorian said:
    U better?

    You mean me?

    Mostly. Being diabetic I'm thinking it's keeping sugar quite high, and that's what's causing my symptoms.

    I woke up from a terrible dream around 4am very anxious.