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  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Chinaski said: Cory said: Chinaski said: Cory said: This board seems pretty insecure about LeBron.
    I get it, I'm pretty tired of him too, but been tired of Curry for about just as long. He's very overratedand one dimensional.
    first time since Luka Doncic was 11 years old that LBJ or Curry aren't in the Finals. pretty wild if you think about it that way.

    curious on why you think Curry is overrated. 3x Champ, 2x MVP (only unanimous), 2x scoring champ, and 7x all star is a pretty good resume. in addition to that he's non-arguably the greatest shooter of all time, and imo revolutionized the game.

    as far LBJ goes, there's no denying he's an unbelievable once in a lifetime talent. i just don't agree with some of his antics. "the decision", his flopping and overacting, that press conference with the cast, his complaining, leaving a playoff game with like 6 minutes left during a blowout that he basically had alot to do with (-24), and leaving the game last night like Isaiah Thomas all sour, not shaking anyone's hands. it's just getting a rather tiresome.

    I was OK with "The Decision", OK with his return to Cleveland, but tired of him since he went to LA.

    Curry is just a shooter as far as I'm concerned. Durant was easily their best player when he was there (I'm super tired of his whining too, probably worst of all). It's a shooter's league now, for sure, but he's not cracking my top 50 all time.

    I don't specifically remember his MVPs, but I don't think I was super impressed with them (I rarely am), and probably didn't agree with them.

    I've really fallen out of caring about the NBA the last 2 years.
    2014-15 he won the only unanimous MVP in league history, you might have not been impressed but voters were. he also contributed to a team that won 72 regular season games sans KD the following season (they didn't win it all, but 72 reg season wins is still impressive). sure, 'he's just a shooter' but what else do you expect from him considering his size? do you want him to throw it down or something? when he does go to the cup he has a sweet floater, and if he gets fouled his and 1 is pretty automatic. i get it, he isn't the best defender but he's no slouch. has lead the league in steals and is a total pest sometimes. i dunno, kinda hard to agree that he's 'overrated'.

    Steals, like blocks, are a terrible example of good defense. For every successful steal (or block) there are many failed attempts that take you off your man, and out of position. Not that there's great defense these days.

    Yeah they had 71 wins with a stacked team in a soft, watered down league. It's even worse now than when Nash won back to back MVPs. The voting is as political as anything, so not impressive to me.

    He's not a true point guard either, not that there's really any left, sans Paul.

    Yes he's got records for 3's made and attempted (unless Harden beat his attempts record), but 3 point shooting is up about 11 000% since the shot was introduced 50 years ago. That's not an exaggeration.

    He's much better at making them than most, and has better range. But hitting threes doesn't make a great all around player.

    I'd take him over just about any PG today of course (way, way, way before Westbrook), but he's not an all time great to me. He's perfect for today's league though, stretches the floor better than anyone.
  • MLB 2021

    Cards put up a 4 spot in the top of the 1st against Mad-Bum on the 2-run homer by my national brethren!
  • Isaac Asimov’s Foundation

    First "For All Mankind" sounds intriguing enough, now this.

    I'm gonna have to get Apple TV+, aren't I...

    And this is the first I've heard of it, so I don't think it was mentioned on lunches.
  • NBA 2021 Thread

    cdrive said:
    I wanna see Harden get to The Finals and then lose to Chris Paul.  That would be basketball magical. I want Harden to one day get one, but I’d love it so much more right now for CP3. (And the Houston shit with Harden wanting Russ in for Paul, it would be some sweet karma.) 
    I... I don't hate that, except I'd like to see Nash win.

    I don't have a lot of faith in a Big 3 that was
    1. Formed mid-season
    2. Hardly seemed to all play together once they were formed.
  • MLB 2021

    jluzania said:
    Chinaski said:
    here we go again. sigh..

    if they leave, that will the third major sports team Mayor Libby Schaaf lost on her watch :#.

    dare i say 'Las VegA's '.
    Not to mention it's be the third time the A's have moved! Plus, 53 years in Philly, 53 years in Oakland... 

    And with Portland's average longitude slightly west of Oakland's they would continue their march east to west.
    Next stop, Hawaii?