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  • Started watching Ozark

    I think Ozark is great and Bateman and Linney are very good, but it's still a crime that they got Emmy noms over Odenkirk and Seehorn. I actually thought Linney was great in season three but nowhere close to what Rhea Seehorn did. All Bateman does is keep a calm exterior while still making it obvious his mind is going a thousand miles a minute. He does it well, but it's all he does.
  • The Mandalorian S2E08

    Don't want to complain too much since I thought it was a great season, but the finale made me dislike last week's stupid face scan even more.

    Mando taking his helmet off to say goodbye would have been even more impactful if we didn't just see him expose his face to living creatures the week before. 
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  • Anyone have a PS5?

    Cory said:
    The PS5 uses NVMe drives, as opposed to the PS4s SATA drives.  There might be some other proprietary stuff built in to keep off the shelf NVMe drives from working too.  I'm not sure on that.
    So what you're saying is SONY made it harder to do it?
    Kind of, but they did it for a reason. Both the new consoles are designed around really high end SSDs, and they're needed for the performance they're looking for. 

    They do have an interior slot that they've made easy to access, but it's not ready to go yet. They'll enable it later with an update. It's pretty standard from Sony. There were a bunch of features that weren't ready to go when the PS4 launched.

    They've also said off the shelf drives will work if you buy the right ones, which are still ridiculously expensive.

    You're also supposed to be able to use any old external hard drive to store games you're not playing, but I don't have a PS5, so I'm not sure how well that actually works. 
  • Warner Brothers sending 2021 movies to HBO Max

    It's super lame that I won't have a legal way to watch any of these movies while they're still being discussed.

    This has been happening way too often for how connected everyone is these days. 
  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    I wasn't a fan of this week's episode. It barely accomplished anything plot-wise and wasn't all that interesting to watch. Every other prestige show that's done a one-off weird episode in the past few years has done a far better job. Was there any point to having most of the episode in black and white except that the Wizard of Oz did it? All the Wizard of Oz bits feel forced and don't mesh with the story at all?

    The weird boarding house wasn't nearly weird enough and didn't seem to have much of a purpose besides showing us yet again that America is extremely racist and proud of it. They also really kept forcing the Wizard of Oz into the characters for reasons?

    What was the point of the episode? Are we expecting to see any of the characters in it ever again? It also doesn't help that the actor playing Satchel was directed to play him in as close to a comatose state as possible. Does he have any connection to Rabbi at all? Does he care if he's gone? Did he view him as a friend? jailer? babysitter? Is he able to react to anything? Does he have a mental disability? Why wouldn't he just go home?