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  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Wow, Houston sure cleaned up. The way they're currently constructed, they're going to be just as competitive with Oladpido as they were with Harden. Plus they'll have a billion dollars in cap space after this year if Olapido leaves. Plus oodles of first-round picks from a team that's going to implode by March. I'm going to assume the pick switches are Houston's choice, which is also amazing.

    Not bad for a team that was going nowhere.
  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    A little context for the four-month time jump that didn't make sense for a lot of the plot. It probably wasn't planned as a four-month time jump. "Happy" was in the middle of filming when everything was shut down. There was probably a real-life four-month time jump. Since they film in Chicago, it would take way too much work to make middle of the summer Chicago look like end of winter Chicago.
  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    I wasn't a fan of this week's episode. It barely accomplished anything plot-wise and wasn't all that interesting to watch. Every other prestige show that's done a one-off weird episode in the past few years has done a far better job. Was there any point to having most of the episode in black and white except that the Wizard of Oz did it? All the Wizard of Oz bits feel forced and don't mesh with the story at all?

    The weird boarding house wasn't nearly weird enough and didn't seem to have much of a purpose besides showing us yet again that America is extremely racist and proud of it. They also really kept forcing the Wizard of Oz into the characters for reasons?

    What was the point of the episode? Are we expecting to see any of the characters in it ever again? It also doesn't help that the actor playing Satchel was directed to play him in as close to a comatose state as possible. Does he have any connection to Rabbi at all? Does he care if he's gone? Did he view him as a friend? jailer? babysitter? Is he able to react to anything? Does he have a mental disability? Why wouldn't he just go home?
  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    Also hard to overlook the ridiculousness of Gaetano firing at the Fargo group and single-handedly pushing them all back. Am I to believe all those Fargo men missed that big target? 

    I assumed that was because there are still rules, and they're not allowed to kill Josto or Gaetano on purpose.
  • PS4 load times reportedly drastically reduced

    asmallcat said:
    Hopefully xbox does the same thing. Thank god for suspend and quick resume but I regularly get over minute loading times even on fully installed games (can you even play off the disc anymore?). The worst was Metro Exodus - every load screen was like 3 minutes. Devs have completely forgotten how to optimize games. 
    It's not really devs forgetting how to optimize games. It's a physics problem. They're working with hard drives that are constrained by the laws of physics. The read and write process is always going to be relatively slow and both the PS4 and Xbox One use slow hard drives. The amount of data that needs to be loaded has also increased considerably.

    It mostly comes down to the choice of how long do you want the loading screens versus how often do you want to slowly squeeze through a crack.