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  • Your Top 5 Wes Anderson Flicks

    Royal Tannenbaums all the way 1 million! Have any of you read Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger? Royal Tannenbaums is sort of an adaptation on that. one of the minor characters is Beatrice Tannenbaum. The married name of a daughter of the Glass family. When my sister got me to read Franny and Zooey I lost an entire summer to Salinger. 
    #2 - Life Aquatic
    #3 - Bottle Rocket
    #4 - Moonrise Kingdom
    #5 - Rushmore
    I didn't really care for Darjeeling Limited and am curious what some of you found in it that made some of you enjoy it so much.
  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    I was thinking about the Peteypedia. Puzzle box shows are suffering from the Internet creating a hive mind that can out think the writers. We’re not watching the shows with just our SO and friends at the water cooler anymore. I think the Pete pedía was Zion. It was an attempt by the show to drive the speculation. Most of the docs helped answer questions that were reveled next episode anyway but spending time on them kept people from using that time on the bigger mysteries. Is this a dumb idea?

  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    So Dr Manhattan uses future knowledge as the entire foundation of his relationship with Angela but can't evaporate a few trucks from inside the house or whatever. Why does Angela have to walk out there and shoot any of them when he is there? Is there any reason for a god weapon who single handedly won a war to just not bother handling an obvious threat like this without getting like three feet away from them to do some hand zaps and then turning his back to a gigantic Nazi laser?
    It's not that Dr M can't evaporate the trucks or that Angela has to walk out and shoot them...it's that he doesn't evaporate the trucks and Angela does walk out and shoot them.  Just like he knew that the Viet Nam war would come with regrets, but did it anyway (and did it in a way that didn't curb those regrets). He experiences time in a non-linear fashion, that lets him know what will happen - not allow him to change what will happen.

    I get that but why would it happen that way in the first place? Everything else he does makes some sort of sense for why he would make that decision in the moment even if he knows it's the wrong one or he'll regret it in the future. Standing around making waffles while his lover goes to confront a bunch of masked gunmen and then just wandering haplessly in front of the laser seemed like it made no sense unless he knows he has to get blasted by it for some reason. 

    He's not omnipotent in that he knows and sees all things at all times, he simply knows what will happen and experiences time in a non-linear fashion.  If you were to isolate him in his present time (even though no such thing exists for him) he doesn't have knowledge beyond his locality, so when he's making waffles he doesn't know that there are gunmen outside etc. he only knows that because he knows what will happen.  So...while he's making waffles he doesn't know what IS happening, he simply knows in the present what WILL happen - including what is happening in that moment.  It's like he has a memory but from the future, not the past.

    Watch a movie.  Then watch it again.  Knowing how the movie will end doesn't give you the power to change the story.  Things still happen as they happen, you just know it beforehand now.  His non-linear experience of time is like him watching his own movie.  The story is what it is.  Having a more full and complete knowledge of the story, the ability to project 'future' wisdom into the past or present etc doesn't change the story...it just means that he can pick which part of the DVD his laser is focused on at any given time.

    I don't want to get too science noodly, but the writers are playing off of two quantum theories - the Copenhagen and the Many Worlds interpretations - and what they mean in terms of causality and/or vs determinism.  
    Ok but what if you watch Jaws. The. You watch it again with a friend and right before Chief Brody delivers the line you lean over to your friend and say, “I wonder what Brody thinks of the boat’s size.” Then he says “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” Then your friend laughs or eye rolls or whatever. That didn’t happen the first time you watched it. Honestly I’m not sure what I think about Dr. M and free will/destiny and its rules in this show. 
  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    And who are the "eight million children" Veidt was talking about in the post credits scene?
    I read that as him talking about the population of the Earth. He saved them he’s responsible for them etc.