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  • 509 Bad Choice Road (Spoilers)

    Michelle said:
    Kim though!!!!  I thought Lalo was going to hurt Jimmy after she read him for filth but I fear it’s actually going to be worse.  Still, god that scene was amazing.  
    I have the feeling she will be forced to help with Lalo's schemes because he probably has more respect for her than Jimmy.  

    I still think that she may survive and she was just the silent partner in all of Saul's BS during BB.  Jimmy had to run and abandon her and that is why Gene is such a sad sack.  Of course this is an opinion, but it would be a nice subversion to what all the viewers are dreading. 
  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    After watching Indiana Jones, Star Wars and reading comic books,  I spent a tremendous amount of time planning and working on how I would survive if I had to navigate an active lava flow at some point in my life.

    It hasn't been useful yet, but I know in my heart it will be someday. 

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  • Quarantine Eats

  • Golden globe homers and misses

    Bhorten1 said:
    For me, i was pretty surprised 1917 won best pic over joker and Irishman, and Taron Egerton (rocketman) beat out leo (once upon...), but my biggest surprise was Russell Crowe beating Jared Harris. Very disappointed. My biggest shock was 1917's Sam Mendes winning over literally any other nominated director. Admittedly, i haven't seen the movie but I find it very hard to believe the saving private Ryan reboot was better directed than joker, Irishman and/or one upon a time OR parasite, which (imo) was unfairly snubbed with a forgotten pic relegation win. 
    Yeah, obviously these award shows don't care about the opinions of the peasants, but it just seems odd to me for a movie that has barely been out a week to be nominated for all of these awards.

    Nobody has seen 1917 yet.  I'd like to, but I'd think it should have to wait to be in next year's awards seasons since its so new. 
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths

    ken hale said:
    Right on, I like that advice!  Honestly, to see the one true Superman return to the role, I'm willing to be a bit confused by some side characters.
    There are a TON of easter eggs from almost every type of TV or movie series DC has ever put out on this thing.  It's pretty crazy.
    ken hale