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  • Crisis on Infinite Earths

    ken hale said:
    These are the shows that I've been kinda hoping for years would get cancelled already so I might have a reasonable chance of catching up to crossovers like this.  It's impossible at this point.  I got like 3 seasons into Arrow a while back but then there's the Flash and like four other shows after that and the investment of time becomes like an exponential growth curve from there  :(
    If you know enough about DC to understand there was a crisis story I would just buckle up and watch it.  They do a good job of explaining what is happening and who all the characters are.

    I mean, if you get who Superman, Green Arrow and the Flash are you are 90% good to go. 
    ken hale
  • Robert Pattinson Batman?

    awookiee said:
    Hatorian said:
    Matthew McConaughey has come up as well. Nothing confirmed. But I would love to see a Rust Cohle Joker. 

    If I was DC I would go completely opposite from Marvel. There’s no way you can compete against their single universe. 

    So why not go the comic route? Just go with no universe, standalone movies and have 3 or 4 jokers and batmans. Have a 2099 Batman movie. Have the 80s joker. Just make a quality movie that generates buzz and appeal and people will see it. 

    If you build it (properly) he (they) will come. 

    And if they are successful you can drive sequels to those specific “universes”
    I thought I remember seeing somewhere that they were eyeing McConaughey as two face/Harvey Dent.  I think he could fit that role perfectly but I'm wondering if they are putting in too many villains.
    I think they are having all the villains because it appears its going to be based on the Long Halloween.   Non-spoiler, Batman encounters all his traditional rogues in the story, but there is also a second through line with an unknown killer that strikes every holiday and Batman is trying to figure out who it is.

  • Robert Pattinson Batman?

    Hatorian said:
    Joker is going to be a billion dollar movie by itself. No connective to a larger universe has been hinted at. They have a whiteboard to work with. 
    DC has more of a history of using a Multiverse than Marvel so this should be right in their wheelhouse.   

    Personally, if this new Batman is good, I'm fine with them just rolling him into the JLA continuity in 4 to 5 years and just not address it that much.  Put some grey coloring in Pattison's hair and move on.  

    I definitely want another Caville Superman movie and supposedly that is what Abrahms is working on.  

    However, I would also like to see more movies like the Joker set in another universe.  They really should do a Gotham by Gaslight, 1940's era JSA, New Frontier and Red Son movie.  Those are elseworlds or alternate timeline stories. 
  • Watchmen

    Good call by A.Ron on Hooded Justice, that's a very interesting theory.  The minute men limited series by Darwin Cooke has a LOT more info on Hooded Justice if anyone is looking for more stories involving that character.

    I will sharpshoot on Nite Owl being a Batman analog.  He's really a Ted Kord-Blue Beetle knock off.  Moore wanted to use DC's newly acquired Charlton characters for the story and DC balked due to the mature nature of the story and they were afraid it might tie their hands for any future plans they may use those characters going forward.

    Due to this Moore created analogs of the Charlton characters for his story.  You can see below the one to one comparisons. 

    The Question, the Ted Kord Blue Beetle (especially in the Bwha Ha HA Justice League run in the late 80's) and to a lesser extent Captain Atom are pretty important and popular DC characters now so that was probably a smart move for both parties. 


    Charlton Comics characters and their Watchmen counterpartsEdit

    Charlton Comics characterCreator(s)Watchmen counterpart
    Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett)
    Charles Nicholas WojtkowskiNite Owl (Hollis Mason)
    Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
    Steve DitkoNite Owl (Dan Dreiberg)
    Captain Atom
    Joe Gill
    Steve Ditko
    Doctor Manhattan
    Joe Gill
    Steve Ditko
    Silk Spectre (Laurie Juspeczyk)
    Joe Gill
    Pat Boyette
    The Question
    Steve DitkoRorschach
    Thunderbolt (Peter Cannon)
    Pete MorisiOzymandias
  • Watchmen

    If anyone is getting prepped for the show and are wanting to do some reading other than the original Watchmen series proper, DC did make a set of Before Watchmen mini series.

    They have varying levels of quality just FYI.  The Ozymandias, Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan series have great art, but they aren't amazing.  

    The best one that answers the most questions IMO is the Minutemen series Darwyn Cooke did.  It's excellent. 

    Light Comic Spoilers . . .

    Doomsday Clock is more of a DC book and features the Watchmen characters entering the DC universe.  Dr. Manhattan left the Watchmen universe at the end of the original story and searched the Multiverse until he saw the DC one.  He did some cosmic level alterations to the DC universe just to eff with it apparently and it was eventually discovered by the DC characters (Batman and the Flash) and that is effectively when this Doomsday Clock series starts.  These aren't really spoilers, just describing the setting for the series.  

    FYI, the Watchmen and DC characters are totally alien to each other.  The comics in the Watchmen universe are pirate comics, not ones with DC characters. That's why all that Black Freighter stuff is part of the OG mini series.  A lot of DC comics in universe are based on the actual DC heroes. 

    ken hale