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  • New Joker Trailer

    As a comic book nerd I don't want a Joker origin, but I assume that this movie will be framed like his 'origin' in "The Killing Joke" where he tells Batman a story of how he came to be, but then brushes it all aside by saying something like "Sometimes I remember it that way, sometimes I remember it another way" and they leave it up to reader to decide for themselves if you want to accept that as an origin or not.  The fact that they show him as a struggling standup comic suggests that they're at least borrowing from "The Killing Joke".
    I hope this does well because it will most likely open the door for more films based on Elseworlds stories like Gotham by Gaslight, Dark Knight Returns. Red Rain, New Frontier or Red Son.

    As long as their main line keeps improving (Shazam is supposed to be really good and I'm seeing it tonight) and they can do these different one offs, it's pretty exciting because that presents a lot wider range of stories to tell. 
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  • New Joker Trailer

    JTKIII said:
    I have to say, this is the first time I’m excited to see a DC movie since Dark Knight Rises was released. Joaquin Phoenix fits the Joker role perfectly in my opinion. He’s a Joker himself in a lot of ways haha. His Joker laugh is 10/10. Nails it. Can’t wait for the first watch in October.

    I couldnt find it on YouTube yet so here’s the twitter link to the trailer

    I wonder if that boy he's reaching through the gate at is Bruce?  

    I think the guy that played the DA in True Detective is playing Thomas Wayne, but I may be mistaken. 
  • March Madness 2019 signup now

    Hatorian said:
    Dukes gonna win. But I have a few Cinderella’s going deep. I like Wooford. I actually think 3 of the 4 best teams are on the left side of the bracket. 
    I"m biased as a Vol, but I think TN, KY or Gonzaga can beat Duke.    If you can run a match up zone like Syracuse does you can eliminate their dribble drive and Duke really doesn't shoot the ball well from outside.

    That is what TN ran at the end of the KY game Saturday to stall KY's offense.

    If TN can get past Cincy, I think they rip through that bracket.  Virginia can't score and they fold like lawn chairs in the tournament.

    KY can beat anyone right now and while Gonzaga hasn't played anyone since conference play started, they are very good. 
  • Things you do any don’t like to hear on podcasts

    I really hate when podcast hosts get Shazam! confused with Captain Marvel.  :p @A_Ron_Hubbard

    A. Ron gets mixed up sometimes on comics, but he was actually righ on this one. 

    Shazam actually is Captain Marvel.  He was called that years and years before the original Marvel Comics Mar-Vell or Carol Danvers took that name after about 5 other superhero code names she's had. 

    It's a legal/copywrite thing that made DC refer to Captain Marvel's movie as Shazam. That's just the wizard's name he calls out to get his powers in the old school comics. 
  • 301 & 302: "The Great War and Modern Memory" & "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"

    I've got a feeling the main character's wife is the killer for some reason.  I just got a vibe from her.  She's also getting involved with one of the lead investigators, be pretty easy to lead them along on a desired path if you are that close to the people running the case. 

    I'm sure I'm wrong, but that's my initial guess.

    This is already way better than season two.  Great call on the Pearl Jam cover over the credits of the first episode.  Vedder has a haunting voice and that fit the tone perfectly.