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  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    As a DELCO girl born and bred, I can't wait to see this and hope the guys cover it in some way.  I know Kate Winslet went to great lengths to perfect it, so I'm kinda excited/cringing to hear her take on the Dirty DELCO accent. It's pretty much universally ridiculed by all who hear it so we need a champion lol. Please don't judge us for our shitty accent and love of hoagies
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    yay! Next stop all my fellow Americans! Jan 20th can not come soon enough and we'll get some real leadership to see over mass distribution of this
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    @Dee @Teresa from Concord   Its funny because our hospital system bought us in the 90s when my dad was a nurse in the same ICU I'm in now and he always said that our building was the bastard child of the hospital.  But literally, they forgot about us so.... lol all good though. I feel very grateful that we're able to get the vaccine, I know there are a lot of other essential workers that don't get the acknowledgement. I wish I could skip my place in line to get my husband, parents or daughter vaccinated but its a start. 
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Totally agree. Another aspect of this is the debate over elective procedures during this time. Purely from a staffing position,  I see the argument for halting elective procedures, allow healthcare workers stable nurse:patient ratios so they can provide quality care for pandemic patients. From a financial perspective,  elective procedures are extremely important to keeping the whole hospital system up and running. For that reason I think they will keep going with electives, which may be the best choice in a bad situation (as someone who works bedside just saying this makes me cringe). Plus our "electives" are brain tumors or aneurysms so it may well be worth risking a short hospital stay in a pandemic to have peace of mind (pardon the pun) and the hospital stays afloat. Sigh, its a lot 
  • Expanse Season 5 (Show only spoilers!)

    ray_x03 said:

    Damn, putting the moneymaker front and center there, haha
    As it should be. Guns are out, y'all