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    @Dee fresh chopped dill is baller in a potato salad. 
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    Our ICU has been waiting to hear word on when we'll be getting our vaccine since the other units and the higher ups have been getting it. Turns out they forgot about us. So we'll still be getting it but not for another week or so. Just really irritating to be forgotten
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    @Dee I'm sorry that is so frustrating.  I'm nightshift so I'm driving through center city Philly at dinnertime to get to the hospital, so I get to drive by blocks upon blocks of people having dinner, drinks etc. All the restaurants are packed.  And Philly's numbers are surging. It's surreal, like I'm going to work in some alternate universe. 
    We're very lucky where I work because our unit is very specialized neurosurgery so they've tried to keep us as COVID free as possible. The COVID patients we do have are there for a neuro concern. But I've almost never seen it so busy with strokes, brain bleeds,  aneurysm ruptures etc. I think people are so stressed out that their blood pressures are getting high, people are strained economically and not able to afford their meds, if they are seeking medical help at all due to covid restrictions and fears. Its been so busy and we're just getting into the fall surge, I don't know how we handle our current patient load and the inevitable COVID overflow. Not looking forward to the next few months
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    Team robe all day. I work nightshift so when I'm finally off and I wake up in the afternoon its robe, tank top, and and underwear for the night. Especially since in the pandemic we can't go anywhere anyway so its gotten dangerously casual in our house. I do put on pants because my daughter has virtual school every day but I'd be lying if I said my lazy ass wasn't put off by it each morning. Reintegration into normal pants-wearing society is going to be a rude awakening