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  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    Is it me but I am so confused by the pacing of this show. So little happens in an episode. When I think about previous seasons they didn’t have this problem. 

    And once again the women get minimal air time. I’m not even sure how Ethelrida or nurse Mayflower fit in. And though not a women Timothy Olyphant is also seriously underutilize. 

    Is is the lack of chatter on the forums equal the lack of interest in this season? 
    I think a lot of it had to do with Noah Hawley shuffling around scenes from the middle episodes to make the extra 11th chapter. The only reason that happened was because he was stuck with the footage through all of quarantine, and personally I agree that it was probably a mistake. Because of this a lot of side plots don't get the attention they need. There are also some scenes in this past episode especially that would have made a lot more sense coming right off the episode where Doctor Senator gets killed.
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  • Better Call Saul - Season 5

    It's also worth nothing that it SOUNDS like we're getting a two-episode premiere. 501 airs Sunday the 23rd at 10pm behind TWD, followed by 502 on Monday at 9pm in its regular time slot. Not sure how that will affect Bald Move coverage.

  • Congratulations Cecily and Baldmove!!!

    Does this mean there’s finally someone to cast a tiebreaking vote so Bald Move can have an official stance on Hawaiian pizza?
    I just want to know what her stance is on a hot dog being a sandwich
  • 2nd Annual Not Actually Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day Marathon - Saturday, February 9th, 2019

  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    jhpark said:

    I'm really waiting for their Good Place opinion. or at least, I think ARon has said he'll watch it, I don't know if Jim has said the same. It's the only show I watch on air, and despite some wobbliness earlier this season, overall it's just been awesome, and IMO really found its groove again later in the season. (Though I enjoyed even the earlier, slightly wobbly bits)
    I think A.Ron said he would check out a couple episodes for the sake of the Baldies, don't quote me on that though. That being said, I really, really do wish they would cover it. It's the most wholesomely hilarious show I've seen in ages. I know they've got pretty valid reasons for not covering comedies, but the show is so much more than that. They dive deep into (and poke fun at) philosophical questions, multiverse theory, time travel, moral ambiguity, etc. The cast is all around phenomenal, and the attention to detail in terms of writing and continuity are up there with some of the greats.