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  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    Hey Aron I know you were trying to find out where that picture was from and this reddit post answers your question.

    Its an amazing looking piece of art.
  • Why did A.Ron leave Better Call Saul

    Honestly I loved the coverage of this season. Usually when a new host joins it bothers me, but it worked for me.
  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    I'm gonna copy and paste a great comment I saw on the avclub review for this episode that highlights Kim this season.

    "It really felt like the development of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship this ENTIRE season was “a textbook example of somehow blindsiding us with what the character would obviously do.”
     From maybe the third episode onward (after the cold open with the ants devouring the ice cream), I can think of each episode having a moment where Kim did something that completely subverted our expectations. Driving back to Acker’s home in the evening, asking Jimmy to pull the con against Mesa Verde, proposing marriage after the fiasco meeting, standing up to Lalo, not allowing Jimmy to end their relationship right then and there.
    The episode titles like Wexler V. Goodman and Something Unforgivable were misleading. BCS always finds a way to go in unexpected directions, but this particular season really felt like a lesson in how to bring depth to your story by constantly subverting cliches.

    Interestingly enough, Jimmy’s disbelief to Kim’s “pew-pew” in this finale mirrors perfectly with her being stunned by Jimmy’s “S’all good, man” in the season 4 finale. They are truly in this together."

    Hatorianken hale
  • 306: Decoherence

    Hatorian said:
    how does hale still have eyeballs? i know its TV but there is no way she has eyeballs. even if the concussive force didnt do anything the fire would have burned them out before she could crawl out. 
    They aren't real eyeballs. I think in season 1 they said they couldn't make eyeballs like they could make the rest of the body.
  • Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 8 "Bagman" (Spoilers)

    Directed by Vince Gilligan
    Written by Gordon Smith

    Holy sh*t that was an incredible hour of television!
    It was great that he wouldn't take the space blanket at first because it reminded him of Chuck, but then uses it and discards it to get away in the end.