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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Serious questions here:

    When the roof caves in to kill cercei and jaime ep5.. how can you show an almost intact room where a few spots of ceiling fell and taking a few steps to the side would have saved thier lives?

    When the dothraki run into the night and get slaughtered and the unsullied take heavy losses.. how are there a massive amount in ep6?

    When all is said and done, the dothraki are in westeros, they surely will not be manning thier own boats back home. Thus a formidable army whos goal is only to pillage and plunder is left without a ruler at your doorstep with no where else to go... oops?

    Lastly the entire 3 eyed raven plot, from the original 3 eyed raven to bran is entirely about ruling the 6 kingdoms? Seems like a massive we ran out of time and or guidance or w.e retcon. Either by the show runners or grrm..
  • Season 3 in 2020

    So this show goes from theater of the mind and asking alot of existential questions in s1.

    To a imo complete shit show in s2.

    And s3 looks like a blade runner reboot?
    Aaron paul is nice. But im def throne for a loop here.. this seems like a massive turn of course to start telling some guys story of means and misgivings and then he turns his life around..

    Wtf does this have to do with WW and do i want to invest what will surely be an entire season of bridge building and retconing?
  • 805 - The Bells

    chrisk said:
    I don’t get the guys’ complaint about the wildfire. 

    It wasnt overly clever. It was unexpected and cool but also logical that there are stores not yet uncovered. A nice detail, and not at all showy imo. 
    Oh my lord, they are even complaining about the small caches of wildfire exploding around the city? 

    That 100% made sense and was wisely not a focal point of the episode. I really enjoyed that detail.
    I second this. I thought this tracked 100% and was actually one of the plot consistences and follow throughs that i liked.
  • 805 - The Bells

    tpelzy said:
    I have literally seen this coming from season 2. Way before I read any of the books. They have been foreshadowing this and building an arc. It's just so funny to see the negativity because I thoroughly enjoyed this. Apparently Jim is having a tantrum on instant take. I don't get this fandom lol.  
    So lemme get this straight. Not negatively or otherwise. Since S2 when danny is saving ppl and  putting and to slavery its been apparent to you that she is destined to slaughter man woman and child by the 100k as they literally submit and open the door to let you in?

    Laying down weapons and all. Since S2?
    Unless for some reason you put a massive stock in her brother.. i just dont see it

  • 805 - The Bells

    And for all the ppl saying danny was in char to go mad.. yes and no. She literally starts with titles and titles breaker of chains to then just scrap all that?

    Freeer of ppls to just idk what now? And i get she snaps. Ok fine.

    But why she snaps and overcomes seasons and seasons and seasons of heroism building im different and better to do much much worsenthan anything she overthrew.. its not a hair pin. That pin is like turned so far in on it self its become hairpin-ception. Its quick its dirty and when you step back and look at ot from a whole its super forced.

    So was it in her character? Yes. Did they do it properly imo no.

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