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  • 805 - The Bells

    I just dont get how ppl are ok with how flat the arc has been.  6 ep wasnt enough and it shows. Euron shows up to basically do nothing. Golden company same. All the sudden dragon fire just becomes nuke fire that crushes and explodes? But the night king can absorb it and dies to arya.. which was ok and all. But hes a little op then and dies easily.

    Somehow danny can fly directly into fire of arrows and is much better than last time by like overnight becoming ace pilot. Its really not her fault.. its just shallow. Aryas whole plot this ep waste just a plain waste.

    The death of cercei and jaime i guess is ok... but again just short and shallow. 

    I get its expensive to film, but its not like ppl wouldnt have watched 13ep.

    Maybe the DDs just wanted to get it over with..

    They found out GRRM really atarted cutting corners and the plot just falls off a cliff. And they said f it we just gotta gtfo.

    This whole season. Just flat af. Filmed well. Looks great. Some great moments. But thats not gonna cover the zero arc story.

    Wtf the bran has nething at all to do in this series...idk. unless they fucking pull some insane time warp bran made danny do it. He basically has one moment with hodor and thats it. 

    I liked it from a stand alone each ep is a story point. The eps just dont have much building or  ombined value this season. And this being the final season makes the entire series just super flat plot wise.
    The critiques in your first paragraph are difficult to respond to.

    The dragon fire has always been that way. It's a concussive force. The Night King didnt die because he is, apparently, immune to fire but is weak to dragon glass piercing through the dragonglass shard in his heart that originally created him. Nothing in this episode contradicts that.

    Euron killed a dragon and captured Danys right-hand woman in the last episode. Specifically in this episode, Euron did "nothing" except ensure that Jaime would die by giving him mortal wounds. 

    The Golden Company didnt have a chance to do anything because they were blown to pieces. Sometimes the less "badass" thing happens, such as a great sell sword army being cut down by a dragon before the battle begins. What were your expectations for them? Many people predicted that they wouldnt do anything this episode.

    The D&D wanting to get out quick thing just rings as illogical. You dont take nearly 2 years to write and produce 6 episodes of TV if you are just trying to slap something together to get out as quick as possible. That just doesnt make any logical sense.

    In short. Its just too much in too little time.

    And who knows why theres only 6 ep to be fair, but it was waaaaaay too little.

    And if its not slapped together then idk what it is.. its great scenery in a one by one ep basis. Lots of good to go around.

    But the plot connections are literally one liners.

    Euron shows up to kill a dragon and to take a captive. 

    He some how decimates a dragon last ep. But this go around has no luck at all. And just magically washes ashore within seconds of jaimes window. /euron

    Its all fine it just has no legs.

    The golden company idk its ok.  They could have spent some time at all tonestablish who they are, how formidable or not even a foe they are. Something. Instead you get just zero. A name. / golden co.

    There is absolutely no reason it had to be jam packed into 6 ep. 

    This season is essentially 2-3ep thus far trying to pay off 7 season of build up and theory and plot and backstories and just commitment. For them to hand you a microwaved plot.

    The work is there. The art is there. The story is mia. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    And for all the ppl saying danny was in char to go mad.. yes and no. She literally starts with titles and titles breaker of chains to then just scrap all that?

    Freeer of ppls to just idk what now? And i get she snaps. Ok fine.

    But why she snaps and overcomes seasons and seasons and seasons of heroism building im different and better to do much much worsenthan anything she overthrew.. its not a hair pin. That pin is like turned so far in on it self its become hairpin-ception. Its quick its dirty and when you step back and look at ot from a whole its super forced.

    So was it in her character? Yes. Did they do it properly imo no.

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