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    Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Steven Wright
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    I’ve been listening to a great political podcast from Justin Robert Young called “Politics Politics Politics”.  It’s super funny and informative without being too partisan.  The introduction to his latest podcast is a true work of art:

  • What’s your concert history?

    I haven't been to a ton of concerts but I had an interesting first one:

    First Concert:
    - Day on the Green, 1991, Oakland Coliseum
    - Line up: Soundgarden, Faith No More, Queensryche, Metallica 
    We began the day with an epic convoy of about 15 cars traveling from San Jose to Oakland in a cloud of smoke.  The party continued in the parking lot for a couple hours.  Entering the Coliseum felt like going to battle as the place was packed wall to wall with hard core head bangers.  We mainly chilled on the third deck waiting for Metallica. 

    There was an extra long wait in between Queensryche and Metallica and the crowd got restless.  It started with a huge cup toss where everyone in the lower decks flattened their drink cups and zinged them like hard-edged frisbees toward those on the upper decks - which resulted in those on the upper decks unleashing a torrent of half-drunken beers on those below.  Then, everyone on the field (there were no chairs or assigned seating, it was basically survival of the fittest) began a giant turf war by pulling up pieces of field and launching them at the opposite side of the stadium.  Then the fights began.  At least 10 separate brawls broke out on the field but eventually only one guy was left; a huge gladiator of a man who I personally saw one-punch 3 separate dudes.  As the last fight petered out, the "gladiator" turned to the crowd and raised his arms, and the entire stadium erupted in cheers.

    Metallica quickly began their set after that and we rushed down to get as close to the stage as possible.  It was insane.  After crossing half the field, the crowd became so packed it was almost impossible to squeeze forward.  The quickest way to move toward the stage was to cross the mosh pits, but then you risked getting forearm shivered and trampled by a gang of 20 some odd rockers "dancing" around the pit.  In fact, I got hit in the back during one such crossing, waited for the guy to come back around, and knocked him to the ground - only to watch him get stomped on by the 10 people behind him (I felt bad).  We ended up making it to the 2nd row where we were smashed body to body and only able to stay on our feet by swaying with the crowd.  Metallica put on an incredible show but when we left, I felt like I had survived a war and thought, "huh, so that's what concerts are like?"

    Edit: Here's an article from the SF Chronicle from last year:
    Unpublished photos from Metallica's 1991 Day on the Green ...
  • Rugby World Cup 2019

    For those of you who may be familiar with Soccer but not Rugby, here's a quote I once heard explaining the difference between the two games:

    "Soccer is a gentleman's game played by hooligans, while Rugby is a hooligan's game played by gentlemen."
  • What makes Bald Move so good?

    I pretty much show up for the facial hair and personal hygiene tips, but the fact that I question my long held political beliefs and entire worldview after most shows is cool too.