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  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    Probably the best quarantine release so far for me, what does everyone think? I felt like the time loop aspect was the perfect addition to break out of the typical rom-com mold. Great comedy and just a feel good movie 
  • Chernobyl (HBO)

    MrX said:
    Dev59 said:
    Anyone know if this show is getting a dedicated podcast or will it be on bald move tv? 

    Think they said it'll be on Bald Move TV this week.
    Thank you, also the companion podcast by HBO offers some great insights into the show specifically what is true and fictional (not trying to promote the competition just some good content lol) 
  • 305 Eps3.4runtime-error.r00

    Part of the problem is that they haven't clearly set the what the stakes are for "stage 2" - feels much too ephemeral. They also haven't defined what the major characters need/want from Stage 2. This season would be more successful, imo, if some of this was more clear. 
    Also didn’t the tech officer tell Elliott they’re doing on site duplications instead of shipping everything to the central repository building?
    I believe Angela has made moves to get all the paper work back to the central processing facility over the previous weekend
  • 305 Eps3.4runtime-error.r00

    That top down shot following Angela into the room when you can see the exterior of the building was masterful. 

    Absolutely loved how the audio changed as the camera went from the inside to outside
  • Star Wars Longevity: Compared to Current Franchises and Beyond

    To your point about the "main" character issue; I think the recent Rian Johnson move is meant to combat this problem. With the new trilogy being unconnected and a television series (please one be old republic based) in the coming years the number of influential characters should be on the rise. I think this will help to give Star Wars the legs for a long time. I am interested to see the current trilogy will wrap up and how/if it will be continued in later movies. It sounds like Star Wars is going to move away from the "Skywalker saga" films in next few years, which should expand the universe. 

    With all the success Disney has had with the MCU I wouldn't be surprised if they take a similar approach with Star Wars. If there is any truth to the idea that the super hero movie fad will fade, could the Star Wars universe eventually out pace the MCU?