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  • Walking Dead 10C schedule to air 2/28

    Didn’t see a thread for the new episode but I liked it. I’m more of a Maggie fan than a Carol fan, so Daryl and Maggie moments made me feel similar to the way ARon feels when Carol and Daryl reconnect. And I like what they are doing with Negan, bc I’m actually torn with that situation. The new bad guy seems kinda rushed though, but interesting. 
  • The Last of Us 2: Spoilers

    Favorite things about the game - the Jackson and Seattle settlements, even the Scars settlement was cool! I would love a game where There was an open map and I had roles or could perform side quests for those communities. 

    Dogs gave me the most trouble, only thing I could do was plant an ied and sneak to another area. But most of the time I was too slow for that. When a dog found me I had a hell of a time killing it. 

    In the end I enjoyed the game and the beauty of the game. It creeped me the fuck out a lot and had a lot of fun weapons and action. Story was a let down, but I appreciate Abby and Wolves Fireflys Scars Jackson crew and now I don’t have an affinity for any of them. If I could pick a settlement to play in I would chose wolves.

  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I saw Rick Pitino betting on something while I was watching some games at the MGM Grand Sports betting area. I was thinking to myself, surely that isn’t allowed, but he wasn’t trying to hide so I guess it is.
  • 10 Album Challenge thingy

    Elliot Smith is a tragic conspiracy theory, just unbelievable ending. A story of a young master musician that died way too early a la Kurt Cobain, involving a gf, a hunting knife and a very painful death/suicide/assisted death. Fucking sucks.
  • 10 Album Challenge thingy

    Travis said:
    Another one that I liked that was floating around twitter for a minute:
    You can only listen to 3 of the 9, which ones do you take. Hipster edition:

    Elliot Smith - Either/Or
    Arcade Fire - Suburbs
    Sufan Stevens - Illinoise