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  • New Revisionist History

    I mean it seems like it was basically an ad for Waymo, which I think it was, but it basically reminds me of the episode last season where he goes on a long spiel about how recruiters and recruiting agencies are scams and then does an ad for Zip Recruiter in that very episode! Like I know you gotta make money Malcolm but practice what you preach or something, find some other ads to do. 
  • New Hardcore History

  • New Hardcore History

    Supernova 6 is out, hope you’ve caught up @A_Ron_Hubbard
  • Are my BM Texas folks okay?

    Yeah how the fuck have we allowed it to become law that a power company can refuse to prep the power grid for natural disasters and then bill their customers for the damages, who have no choice but to buy from them because they’re the only game in town, despite it being the power company’s fault that the grid failed? How is it that I, hypothetical Texan guy, am paying more money to not have any power for a week because my power company fucked up? That seems like Roaring 20’s robber baron absurdity. 
  • Gina Carano / Disney Star Wars

    Alkaid13 said:
    Oh Disney the company can absolutely go fuck themselves, the China thing is completely reprehensible and they have a history of taking the wrong side on several issues over the course of almost a century now. I don’t think Iger et. al are saints or anything, the reason they shit-canned Carano is almost certainly based more on a monetary decision than an ethical one. They just happened to have made an ethically correct decision in this situation. They can still suck a big rancid duck collectively. 
    This made me laugh, although I'm sure it wasn't intentional  :D
    Lol. I mean I guess it still works either way. Yeah I was referring to the Mulan thing. You just can’t glad-hand around with China as if they haven’t been essentially committing genocide on an ethnic group and act like things are hunky-dory just cuz you want better movie sales there.