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  • Anyone watching Utopia on Prime? (No Spoilers)

    I'm halfway through the UK version and it's so much more impressive. Visually it's really well put together, and the characters feel more real and grounded. While it still involves a graphic novel, it doesn't feel like a comic book or cartoon the way the US version does.

    Characters are not edgy just for the sake of it, and all of the characters are somewhat toned down, ie less dramatic and over the top compared to the US version. The plot is also more grounded and believable so far, and instead of dancing around it the show basically spells out the entire thing by the second or third episode.

    It's also got kind of an understated, offbeat, indie vibe that I really like. Just my two cents.
    Where are you finding the UK version?  I'm not finding it streaming anywhere.
  • Anyone watching Utopia on Prime? (No Spoilers)

    I found this show intriguing and engaging, but I have a number of complaints.  As mentioned above, there are a lot of tonal shifts that I find off-putting.  Breaking Bad did a great job of injecting bits of humor to break up tension, but Utopia doesn't seem to know if it is an over the top action comedy, or a gritty/dark reflection of a bleak society.

    I would say that overall I liked it, but I think they could have done a little better at just thinking through some of the scenes to determine if they make sense.  For example, having one guy running a bunch of twitter bots makes way more sense than having an ultra hip office full of Gen Z-ers just waiting to take be unleashed on twitter.  Also, pretty much everything about the warehouse scene. The more I think about this the more scenes that just don't make sense.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Michelle said:
    asmallcat said:
    So now Trump is tweeting that because he didn't die (yet) we shouldn't be afraid of Covid, which will lead to people actually dying, but Twitter will still delete your tweets or suspend you if you say you hope Trump dies of Covid. Social media was a mistake. 
    They should really be monitoring his tweets to avoid further spread of misinformation.  
    I wish they had been doing that all along, but it's just a pipe dream.