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    Borderlands 3. In my mind for the moment, of course, but at least it doesn't lag there (unlike today's presentation).
  • E3 discussions

    I'm suddenly a lot less interested in Fallout 76. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't really like online based games.

    My mic that came with my Xbox one is still in its plastic, somewhere in my closet.
    I think I'm in your minority.

    I really enjoyed playing Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and even Fallout 4 all by myself. Never once did I think "This would be so much better if it was multi-player." Co-op maybe. But with Fallout 76 you'll get to play with FARTFACE2000 and wAtsURcUpSiZ. Can't wait. It would be nice to know you can set aside an instance for yourself or you and your friends.
  • 815 - Worth

    Yep, no bandwagon here either. That scene with Daryl, Rosita and loosely-bound Eugene was one of many last straws.

    Eugene the Puke-Mawed Yokel, standing behind Rosita, somehow manages to spray vomit on Rosita. Rosita is briefly surprised and Eugene turns and runs. He passes a parked car on the far side but Rosita inexplicably not only chooses the near side but decides to engage two zombies.


    Eugene has already passed through a convenient breach in a wooden fence and disappeared from view when Rosita fires several rounds into the top of the fence. What is she shooting at? Eugene is nowhere to be seen. Are these warning shots?


    Daryl and Rosita are now approaching a large ash pile containing human remains. Expert tracker Daryl pauses for a nanosecond, points and utters "He couldn't have got far. C'mon." He and Rosita run on. Apparently Eugene had enough time to 1) provide a convincing trail for Daryl that continues down the alley; 2) return to the ash pile without leaving a return trail and 3) somehow cover himself with ash so expertly as to completely fool Daryl. Merle must be convulsing in his grave at this point.

  • Altered Carbon

    Schlupp said:
    Freddy said:
    I'm on the 5th episode now. That pacing is getting difficult to deal with. I want to make it through, but I don't know if I can. Alto Essandoh is great though.
    Just stay focused. Breathe. Remember your training. Push through. Your*re a baldie and you have a job to do.

    Might have been easier had he been sleeved in a body equipped with military-grade neurachem and combat muscle memory.