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  • Sign up for the Secret Santa 2021 Exchange

    Hey everyone,

    Yes, it's not yet Thanksgiving but we're rapidly approaching the Christmas season and, as we learned last year, a secret santa exchange requires a lot of lead time. So surprise! This is your official reminder to get signed up.

    If you'd like to participate, please choose one of these two exchanges and follow the links at the bottom of the post to get signed up:

    • Offline Exchange
    • Live On-Air Exchange

    The Offline Exchange is a standard secret santa exchange. You'll be paired with another participant, you'll but a gift and mail it to them by a certain date.  Pretty simple.

    The Live On-Air Exchange is a bit more complicated, as well as fun. You'll also be paired with another participant, but instead of opening the gift you receive in insolation, you'll save it for one of our Twitch Christmas livestreams to open live on the air with everyone else.

    You'll need to have a Discord account and a webcam and/or microphone to participate in the Live On-Air Exchange, as well as a decent internet connection and a medium-to-high tolerance for showing your face online.

    The deadline to sign up for the Live On-Air Exchange is this Sunday, Nov 21st, and the deadline for the Offline Exchange is Wednesday, Dec 1st. 

    We had a great time with last year's secret santa exchange and we're hoping everyone will enjoy it just as much this year. Come celebrate with us!

    Sign up for the Offline Exchange: https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/d83e273d-f5ae-48ab-8d43-27332e888176/?join=zdgz 

    Sign up for the Live On-Air Exchange: https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/3aee18bc-af4e-4c7a-b48d-bb20a4623ab1/?join=m2fl 

  • Predator podcast?

    We haven't recorded a Predator podcast, believe it or not. It was up for a community commission a few years ago but never got funded before we had to shut down commissions. Hopefully we'll cover it someday. It's an excellent action movie.
  • Merry Covid Christmas 2020!

    Oh no, my clutter! Thanks everyone for participating in the Christmas livestream. It was seriously one of the highlights of an otherwise pretty crappy year.
  • Podcast not working

    It should be fixed. Refresh those podcasts and let me know if they still don't work.
  • Wheres the finale episode?

    Yeah, it was supposed to go out yesterday but I forgot to edit it. I'll get it published today.