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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    Ben said:
    So the magic ninja who has been training as an Assassin killing the night king isn’t a good pay off? Despite her being given the dagger to do it last season? Or Mel’s prophecy that was given to her in season 2? Or her being trained for it since season one? All the main players played their part, without them all doing what they did, the living would have lost. Honestly how much of this blowback is because it subverted your expectations? 
    Seriously.. It wasn't fucking Sansa with the dragon glass dagger she just received saving the day. It was Arya Stark who has basically been training for this for the whole show. I loved this episode! My heart was pounding for the entire 82 minutes. Cant wait to watch this over and over.
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  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    I agree with @akritenbrink. I think the best outcome for Democrats is that they win the house in November, tie Trumps hands a little, and then win the presidency in 2020. If Trump is impeached in 2019 and Pence becomes president, I feel like that could give Republicans new life. Their reasoning would be " Oh lets give him a chance, he seems like a reasonable decent man". Six years of Pence would be terrifying. 
  • Episode 515 - Try

    They're following the comic pretty damn closely this half season. So it's no surprise that the last handful of episodes have been the best in years.
  • Episode 514 - "Spend"

    So I'm watching Episode 12 from season 3 called clear, because this is the episode where Rick, Carl and Michone see Morgan. I'm thinking that we'll see him sometime in the next two episodes so I figured I watch the last time he had any contact with our group.
    Anyways, when Morgan first wakes up, he claims that Rick could be one of the "people who wear the deads faces". SPOILER ALERT later in the comics a group called the whispers who wear zombie faces and skin are a main antagonist. Is it possible Morgan saw them? Though they are around DC in the comics when they are are seen. Just though that was interesting while I re-watched the episode!
  • Episode 514 - "Spend"

    "But for example Gabriel and Bob are the odd men out but apart from them
    Kirkman names his black characters "Michonne", "T-dog", "Tyreese".
    Michonne's dead chained up homeboys were drug addicted hoodrats. We've
    seen hispanics depicted as uzi-wielding urban gangsters (regardless of
    them taking care of the elderly). How much more forced ethnic clichees
    can you cram into a work of fiction before you have to admit it's full
    of stereotypes"

    Yes there is stereotypes, but the seem to be going the "South Park" route by sterotyping almost everyone. Daryl is the "white trash" guy. Ed and now Pete are the drunks who hit their wives. Now am I saying this the best course of action? absolutely not. I just think to accusing writers of a TV show of beeing racist because they have killed more black charters than white recently is extreme.