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  • THE BOYS Season 2 (Spoilers)

    Blow The Bloody Doors off Meaning... In the UK (where Butcher is supposed to be from) this expression is commonly used now. It derives from Michael Caines character in 'The Italian Job'. As he observes the smouldering wreckage of a security van (they were trying to break into, using dynamite) he shouts 'You were just supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'... now this expression is used whenever an action has far greater (even catastrophic) repercussions than was intended... which just about sums up The Boys!
  • Trainspotting

    Loving the Podcast for Trainspotting, just thought I'd clear up the confusion over Kevin Mckidd and Johnny Lee Miller's nationalities. Kevin Mckidd was very Scottish, he grew up in Northern Scotland and apparently even worked in a Scotch distillery before making a living as an actor. He moved to America and became a US citizen after making the BBC/HBO show Rome. Johnny was English and moved to America after making trainspotting and marrying Angelina Jolie. Passable Scottish accent for a Londoner... 
  • Rugby World Cup 2019

    gguenot said:
    Just watched my very first match. It was between NZ and SA. This was basically my reaction to trying to understand Rugby:

    Fear not @gguenot, as a proud English Rugby supporter, I have to acknowledge that Middle Earth.. Er I mean New Zealand is the spiritual home of Rugby Union (we won't go Into Rugby league here..) and some lovely people there have understood how complicated it may appear and have published this great beginners guide
    I do hope it helps!
  • Double D's move to Netflix

    Not sure if anyone has linked this yet but it looks like the Double D's won't be short of funds for their future projects :

  • The Lives of Others - Commissioned Podcast

    Great podcast guys and thanks to Dr. Nick for picking it. I already liked this film a lot so was really excited to see it turn up in my feed.
    It always reminds me of the summer of 1994 when a College friend and I met a couple of former-East German students who were visiting England for the summer. We met them in a pub one night and took them to a small music festival one day. It was a really humbling experience as they were a year younger than us but were much more serious and restrained in their behaviour than we were. Once they felt comfortable to speak we understood why. They had grown up living dual lives. At home, their parents would talk about their hatred of the government but would coach them to only speak positively about it at school. I also remember them telling us how (at the age of 5) their parents had told them that if they were invited to take part in a game by the teachers where they had to pick up a tennis ball - count to 5 - and throw it as far as possible, then they should do very badly. The girls didnt know why but did as they were told. The best few children disappeared from school. It was only as they grew older that they realised, it was a game simulating throwing a grenade and those children  Who were good got sent to military academies. This film confirms to me that these girls were not making this stuff up.
    My friend and I were both grateful to have grown up in England after meeting them!