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  • Help me a writing project? Anyone familiar with digital encryption needed!

    Hello everyone. I was wondering, because J&A come from a coding background, if there might be someone on this forum willing to help me out with a couple of technology queries for a novel I'm writing.

    I'll lay the set up out and if anyone can let me know how this would work/look and give me as much detail as possible that would be great!

    So a character finds a USB drive she wants to get in to, but finds that the data is encrypted when she tries to open it (how would this look? would it just be empty? password protected? etc).

    When she does get into this (a character off-the page would manage to decode it) it contains a fair amount of digital Bitcoin. I know this is fairly specific, but same questions apply - how it would it look? Individual files? If so, what kind?

    Trying to fit this in to my work lunch break so I might not have been as thorough as I would like here, but if you think you can help please get back to me and if you need to ask any questions then feel free!

    (You may find yourself in the acknowledgements if this book ever sees the light of day...)

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Spoilers)

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things is a very unsettling read. Personally found it pretty great, though I could see opinions differing, particularly on the ending. No spoilers, but it's going to be interesting how Kaufman interprets this for a visual medium. The story and the prose have a disconcerting subtlety that leaves just the right amount to the imagination. I could see it being one of those stories that works better in your mind's eye, but if any director can get the best out of it it's Kaufman, so I'm here to see how it turns out.

    Maybe one for the Bald Move Spooktacular, depending of course on how it turns out!
  • Back in business!

    Worth the wait! The Watching Dead continues to be the best cure for the 2020 summer bummer. Some good stuff and some really stupid stuff to come in future episodes - just how we like it!
  • Back in business!

    Does anyone know what time the guys said for episode 8? I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say on this one!
  • Back in business!

    Just finished the new episode and I can’t explain how happy it made me to have this back in my feed. Liking the level of engagement from J&A and I’m reminded that, if not anything else, TWD can be a good springboard for interesting and lighthearted conversation about society. Also, not sure if this was intentional, but Jim’s deadpan outline of the episode is fantastic, really cracked me up a couple of times.

    Happy to have the Watching Dead back!