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    Have a great break everyone!

    I've got nothing.  All I know is I hate the Garbage People for being annoying more than I do the Saviors for killing people.  Pretty sure that isn't what they were going for. 
  • Barley=Intellect but Intellect ≠ Loving or not Loving TWD

    @telephoneofmadness said maybe binge watching

    I think the binge watch is a great idea.  More like a hook up than a serious relationship? ;)  

    I know this is of some dispute-but I think this show benefits from binge watching.  For a lot of reasons but one of them is "they" do an incredibly shitty job of flagging time within the show-which I think exacerbates a lot of the character and other problems.  I've been sitting here all Fall needing to actively remind myself that its been like what? 10 days since Glen and Abraham were killed?  

    Also-I think part of why I tend to be more patient is I binge watched the first 3 Seasons.  So I had zero frustration really until Season 4, I'm convinced I've had a completely different experience than watching from beginning week to week.

    I just think its super interesting too what drives people crazy.  The list was great, but I would even add more, I have major problems with some of the underlying premises.  Like, I simply do not believe that being terrorized = cannibalism.  lol
  • Barley=Intellect but Intellect ≠ Loving or not Loving TWD

    I just want to say you can be well aware of the problems with this show and still love it, just like you can know you're partner isn't perfect and still love the shit out of them.  I was happy at the end of the midseason finale.  But in all honesty they probably had me when Eugene said he liked to watch.  

    TWD is like a romantic relationship in a lot of ways.  Some people love it blindly. Some people have broken up with the show because when they saw the imperfections they said "whoa you're not who I thought you were" or "you're not who I know you could be" completely valid responses. Some people are going to be forever annoyed and stay anyway....no judgment here LOL

    I'm in the category of "argh...why aren't you who I know you could be, but I still love you".  Its not a 24/7 blissed out kind of love, but its love for sure.

    And who knows why? Not me.  I don't even usually watch TV cause I think most of it is stupid beyond belief.  And I think its super telling regarding my relationship with TWD that the times I get the most pissed are when they screw up stuff with characters in a way where I can't provide my own packaging or extras to fix it. Like the damn dumpster.  But I think that's because the core of my love for this show is the characters, always has been and always will be.  

    So I'm annoyed they screw up stuff like Tara's reaction when she got back. WTF? But happy when Aaron is getting beat up because for me at least that's when I saw Rick start to go "whoa, whoa, whoa, now THIS is the shit that isn't gonna lie".  

    I guess this all was just a long winded way of saying I do love this show, warts, pacing problems, bullshit mistakes and all...

  • 707 - "Sing Me a Song"

    I can't think of one.  But then again, I don't watch very much TV.  

    I tend to think Kirkman and maybe Nicotero are more of an issue than we think/talk about.  Too many cooks spoiling the stew so to speak. Comics and special effects aren't TV and people can be insanely good at one thing and not with another.  I guess I just always feel like with such a great story line and characters- if a person was an even sort of good show runner they would be able to do this.  

    I always picture a room where they have things set up and then Kirkman chimes in with his weird ass need to emphasize his 14 year old's sense of how human nature and society works and then Nicotero chimes in with "I've never done sand barfing zombies" and before you know it, its a big mess...
  • 707 - "Sing Me a Song"

    All I know is I'm way more terrified Jim and A Ron are going to quit the show than I am of Negan
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