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  • 707 - "Sing Me a Song"

    All I know is I'm way more terrified Jim and A Ron are going to quit the show than I am of Negan
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  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    @Ed W

    See that's funny.  I love all the different takes on the forum. My hub who watches the show only- no comics -no podcasts nothing-thought Negan was great and the more and more people each time they got blocked worked with him too.

    Little murmurs of "oh this is bad"  all throughout.  And then finally about 2 minutes into Negan's scene at the end-a very quiet- "oh, I don't like this guy at all".  LOL.

    Mind you this is from a man who is himself super scary and intimidating at times LOL  Go figure
  • 616 - Last Day on Earth


    "I am torn between Bald Move not covering next season due to it being a waste of time, or wanting to listen to them (and not watch the show) for my own entertainment. I think if it's as bad as this was your time might be better spent elsewhere...."

    omg, omg,omg!!!!  Shhhhhhhhh....Don't say such things...LOL

    You're a better person than me!  I'm not torn at all.  I want everyone to ride the roller coaster and suffer through it with me!!!
  • Abraham the paper pusher...

    They don't do much training in the down time cause they are spending all of that time coming up with rules about who and when should or shouldn't leave Alexandria...

    And don't forget they are also spending a bunch of their down time trying to hash out the strategic, societal, and personal consequences of killing almost everyone they meet
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  • 615 - "East"

    @broomperson-so what did you think of the episode?