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  • 107 - An Almost Religious Awe

    I just want to chime in and say this episode was kind of 'meh" for me. It had a lot good parts in the beginning with Angela and her backstory, but as the episode went on and the weirdness and exposition increased it began to lose me. By the time the "Dr. Calhattan" reveal came I wasn't as invested as I could have been. Its unfortunate because there is a good show with something to say underneath all that extraneous material.

    I would also caution those that did love this episode to avoid mobbing up on those who didn't feel the same. Its not that bad right now, but it seems like we're being dismissed as though we "just don't get it" or " are too caught up in the weirdness, we should just let it go". We have some legitimate criticisms about how how our enjoyment of the show is being hampered. Please don't treat us as though our opinions aren't valid. We have watched just as many episodes of this show as you have.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Flukes said:
    I just read the "rough" transcript. If I'm honest, this feels like a trap. The WH waited until their political opponents committed to impeachment before releasing the transcript or the complaint. In effect they made it seem like the details were really bad by hiding them - but it turns out they're probably only a little bad.

    No one will care that the law was broken when the complaint didn't get to Congress within 7 days, because now they will release it. In the mind of Trump's supporters, that's a no harm, no foul situation.

    I hope Pelosi knew the details before she made her decision and I hope she knows what she's doing.
    I don't see how someone who cares if Trump breaks the law reads the "transcript", its not a transcript, and sees it as a little bit bad. The only way it could be worse is if he explicitly offered aid in return for dirt on Biden. Trump urging a foreign government to investigate his political rival is right there in the memo. It only gets worse from here. Remember this is supposed to be the flattering version for Trump and its already bad. 

    If anyone thought this would slow the march towards impeach they were wrong.
  • What is the actual justification for not using Russian/Eastern European actors for Chernobyl?

    It will be interesting to see what would happen should China become the new entertainment superpower and we can see what they think of North Atlantic slave trade, Manifest Destiny, the American response to the AIDS crisis, our involvement in various worldwide financial meltdowns, our various military adventures around the world, there are so many interesting topics to choose from. Hopefully if they do the AIDS crisis, they'll cast Reagan as Nigerian woman, because the director thought she was the best fit for the role. As long as they source 90% of what they shoot from contemporary sources (with 10% "sexed up" to play better in Beijing, of course) I'm sure the response will be level headed and rational. BTW, how many lives were lost to the cover-up and disinformation campaign around AIDS, anybody know that number off hand?

    I understand your point, but I don't think this a fair comparison. A good comparison would be if a Chinese company hired Canadian actors to portray how American politicians made the decision to place Japanese Americans in internment camps. That's an entirely different scenario from what you laid out where a black woman plays Reagan.

    We need to keep in mind how much effort was put in by the makers of this show to be at least somewhat accurate. The OP seems to be implying some sort of malicious intent in the decision not to cast actors from former soviet countries. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    Some people continue to misconstrue the disappointment people have about Dany’s dissent into madness as wishing she didn’t go mad at all.
     I have no problem with Daenerys going mad. I have a problem with how they did it. Foreshadowing is not the same as character development. You can’t just have everyone around Dany talk about the Targaryen madness and then have her do cruel irrational things after building her up as someone who can be short tempered and willing to deny mercy to her enemies, but at the same time has a very strong sense of justice, is compassionate and kind and puts the people first always. One thing that annoys me a lot too about this version of the “Mad Queen” is that it’s so incredibly vague and shallow. Okay she’s mad which means in our modern medical terms that she has a mental disorder, but which one??
    Since Aerys and Viserys are based on characters in the books, their “madness” makes sense from a psychological point of view: King Aerys obviously was schizophrenic, he heard voices, confused reality and fantasy and thought if he burned everyone he’d turn into a dragon. I think Viserys being narcissistic speaks for itself (“I am the dragon! I want my crown!” selling his own sister to get an army etc). They could have let Dany be her father’s daughter and develop schizophrenia. In the books I believe it is quite possible that she becomes schizophrenic since in one of her most recent chapters she hears voices. But in the show, they didn’t go with that, so schizophrenia is off the table for show Dany. For show Dany, I could have imagined her “madness” to be choleric, meaning that she loses her temper when being (in her eyes) provoked and doing cruel and irrational things out of anger. I would have accepted to see her burn the city to the ground after Cersei had Missandei killed in front of her eyes. Releasing her anger without thinking in the most terrible manner. But that’s not what happened either. She just went nuts unprovoked and killed innocent people without even trying to go after the person she was really angry at. 
  • I ❤️ Captain Marvel

    It feels too me like Aaron got lost in huge amount of background info that was thrown at the viewers of this movie. I was fine with it because I was already pretty familiar the character and her background. It also seems like he he had higher expectations than was warranted as opposed to Jim who enjoyed it more because he did expect anything from the movie in the first place. I do agree with Aaron about the time of her introduction. In my opinion they should have intro'd her before Infinity War. Take some of the clutter from the movie and save it for a second part. Have her repel the Kree invasion of earth and Jude Law's character escapes with the fleet. Then the second Captain Marvel movie comes at the time this movie did.