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  • 804 - Could it be...Satan?

    Michelle said:
    Any speculation as to what the building was that stood above ground, above the Outpost? 
    They said all that was left of the original school was the garden statue, so I guess that's what it was. An ugly ass statue, but there you go.
  • 804 - Could it be...Satan?

    OK - so we know The Supreme can resurrect the dead. They established that in Coven. However . . . she did so by bringing their physical bodies back to life. Same as Misty May did, same as Cordelia did last week with Coco, Mallory and Dinah.

    So  . . . what exactly did Michael do for Queenie and Mallory? He did not resurrect their dead bodies, he simply freed their ghosts from their respective hells. Did he also make them corporeal?

    It's interesting that warlocks are supposed to be less powerful than witches, because the tests they gave Michael showed significantly greater powers than the test of the "seven wonders." I don't remember any of the witches in Coven ever having the power to teleport/vaporate. Or change the weather. I know Michael is supposed to be the "alpha" but even the headmasters said they could each do some of these powers themselves. I'm not seeing the warlocks as being distinctly less powerful here.
  • 801 - "The End"

    @A_Ron_Hubbard two points about the latest podcast: I believe either you or Cecily posited that the nuclear winter might actually be fake but when they showed the close-ups of the horses, their facts had enormous lesions on them, so I think that part's true. Also, you raised the question of when this season might take place. Joan Collins' character said "Fake News, I'm calling Donald," so I'm assuming it takes place now-ish. That really doesn't say much about whether the teens are the babies from Asylum, as you pointed out, since alien time-traveling might be involved. But it does mean Michael Langdon was rapidly aged, since that took place only eight years ago.
  • 801 - "The End"

    A_Ron - tell Cecily that the long-haired guy at the end is the demon baby from Murder House, not the teenager. Maybe you missed it, but they were playing the Murder House theme song during his appearance ("Tonight You Belong To Me" by Patience and Prudence). 

    I thought the pre-credits sequence was awesome and really got me excited for the new season. They got right into it and it really grabbed my attention. The post-credit sequence that introduced the teenagers was also quite good. But literally the moment Sarah Paulson showed up the whole episode devolved into the usual Ryan Murphy camp. Everything about Paulson and Kathy Bates just screams camp.

    I'm still cautiously optimistic about the season though. I like your idea of having an FX network exec force Ryan Murphy to edit out his worst impulses and pare the story down to bare bones. 
  • 4.02 Breathe

    Okay, let's talk about Kimplicity and Kimpassion

    She really leaned in on Howard. And there's a strong case that he deserved it.


    After the "cross to bear" scene, Jimmy gets up and starts whistling. He doesn't seem to be that upset. Kim seemed to react this with surprise. It seemed like she was upset that Jimmy would be cruel to Howard.

    Then, the next day, Jimmy is heading out for a job hunt. She doesn't want him to go. When she asks him about the estate meeting with Howard, he blows it off completely. Couldn't be less concerned.

    So she goes in his place. It's not her family. It's a conversation for Howard and Jimmy.

    And then she lays into Howard for his treatment of Jimmy. She clearly cares deeply. It's just not so clear that Jimmy does (though I buy that he's in denial.)

    So what really motivates Kim here? Has she seen this process as being harmful to Jimmy? Or is she venting some of her own anger on her own behalf?

    And...if so...doesn't that make her Howard's mirror image? Dumping on someone else for her own reasons? To make herself feel better?

    I think Kim is interpreting Jimmy's reaction to Howard's confession as "broken." She might be actively fooling herself about it but she's choosing to believe this information just broke him, hence his odd reaction to it. But I think the way she vented to Howard was a case of protesting too much - part of her doesn't want to believe Jimmy could be that cold but the part of her that's yelling in anger knows, somewhere deep down, that he really is. I think that's what she's really angry about, and she's just projecting.
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