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  • American Horror Story: 1984 /// S9 E4 - True Killers (Spoilers)

    If Margaret was the one who killed those teens in the cabin back in the 1970s then why did this season start with a flashback showing Mr. Jingles doing it? It's not as if that was some character's memory or point of view, it was just presented to us as info for the audience, establishing the backstory. Assuming Margaret is telling the truth that makes the show itself an unreliable narrator, meaning nothing we see is necessarily true. I find that rather unsettling, and not in an interesting way. It just feels like the show is jerking us around.

    On another note, this has to be the gayest show on TV (not a criticism - just an observation). Man-aerobics? Was there a single straight male in that class? Boy, Ryan Murphy sure does like his gay boys doesn't he? 
  • American Horror Story Season 9 - '1984'

    @Cecily asked in the Pod why they made Cody Fern's character straight. I'd say it's because there were really no gay characters in 80s slasher films. In fact gay characters didn't start showing up in mainstream films until about a decade later. There's also the fact that 80s slasher films were all about the horny teens hooking up. They pretty much have to be straight since they didn't do gay hookups back then. (The implied bisexuality of Montana is therefore an anachronism). 

    That said, I'm having a hard time buying Cody Fern as a straight guy. 
  • 4.02 Breathe

    Okay, let's talk about Kimplicity and Kimpassion

    She really leaned in on Howard. And there's a strong case that he deserved it.


    After the "cross to bear" scene, Jimmy gets up and starts whistling. He doesn't seem to be that upset. Kim seemed to react this with surprise. It seemed like she was upset that Jimmy would be cruel to Howard.

    Then, the next day, Jimmy is heading out for a job hunt. She doesn't want him to go. When she asks him about the estate meeting with Howard, he blows it off completely. Couldn't be less concerned.

    So she goes in his place. It's not her family. It's a conversation for Howard and Jimmy.

    And then she lays into Howard for his treatment of Jimmy. She clearly cares deeply. It's just not so clear that Jimmy does (though I buy that he's in denial.)

    So what really motivates Kim here? Has she seen this process as being harmful to Jimmy? Or is she venting some of her own anger on her own behalf?

    And...if so...doesn't that make her Howard's mirror image? Dumping on someone else for her own reasons? To make herself feel better?

    I think Kim is interpreting Jimmy's reaction to Howard's confession as "broken." She might be actively fooling herself about it but she's choosing to believe this information just broke him, hence his odd reaction to it. But I think the way she vented to Howard was a case of protesting too much - part of her doesn't want to believe Jimmy could be that cold but the part of her that's yelling in anger knows, somewhere deep down, that he really is. I think that's what she's really angry about, and she's just projecting.
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