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  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

     I guess what I'm saying is next time Drogon will know to ZIG ZAG.
    As long as he doesn't take evasion lessons from Rickon, he'll be fine.
  • 703 - The Queen's Justice

    Can't wait to see the development in Dickons character
    So, is Dickon's character showing development or is Dickon growing as a character?

    Sorry I'm late!
    I think the actor is having a hard time getting up to fully explore the ins and outs of this cocksure character.  The main thrust of his performance so far has been wooden and I'm afraid he's going to blow it.

    I'll see myself out.
  • 2017 Emmy nominations

    I love Jonathan Banks and all, but there was nothing in his performance this year putting him in emmy territory; in fact, I would argue he was a small bit player this season.  This season's focus was on the Mcgill brothers.  How in the name of all that is holy do you not nominate Michael McKean?  Uggh this award.
  • The Handmaid's Tale (full season including ep 10 spoilers)

    Wow this show has some serious weight to it which of course is a tribute to its source material.  I am beyond thankful we have people like Margaret Atwood courageous enough to offer up these cautionary tales.  After every episode I find myself reflecting on the state of gender/sexual orientation/religious relations in our society.  I'll be damned if anything like this ever happens on my watch.  I promise all the women and lgbtq here if I ever get a whiff of this kind of regressive bullshit becoming the law of the land, I will stand on the front lines with you.  We must be the frog realizing the water is getting too hot and jump out before it's too late.

    Reflecting on the season, I would have to say the most loathsome character has to be the commander.  Serena Joy is a true piece of work, but to a degree, she is a victim too.  She was used by this misogynistic cult to produce an ideology such that the men could say, "Look, here's a woman's point of view on where their place should be."  Ironically (or maybe not so much knowing what we know about christian dogma and practices), she becomes a prisoner of this ideology...of course, not to the degree of aunts, marthas and handmaids, but a prisoner nonetheless.  I have a feeling her arch will take her out of the cult and she will end up being an advocate for the fall of gilead.  I think Aunt Lydia may end up here as well.

    The commander represents the true hypocrisy and ultimately the evil manifested by hardcore christian fundamentalist patriarchy.  At best it's brutal subjugation and at worst outright slavery and human trafficking.  All of this done while he uses his position and religious authority to do whatever the fuck feels good to him nevermind the consequences or damage it does to the people in his wake.  I guess ultimately to do what these asshats do, one must see women or gays, or blacks, or whatever class of people you are victimizing as less than human:  All backed up of course by appropriate passages in the 'good' book.  It makes me sick, but I guess in a good way as my eyes are wide open and guard is up to this happening irl.  
  • 305 - "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World"

    Can someone explain to me why this show gets lauded for its use of the bottle episode where TWD gets blasted (and rightly so) for it?  

    I appear once again to be in the minority.  I hated this episode.  Matt's sanctimony is nails on a chalkboard to me and maybe that's the point, but for god's sake, we get it. Matt's a believer.  I don't need a whole episode of him on this journey of acceptance backdropped by this weird orgy boat.  The scene with him questioning 'god' was the best part of the episode; the rest was self-indulgent filler to get there and I did not like it.

    This season has a very 'last season of Lost' vibe to it for me:  Too much time and energy spent on the periphery when the bigger questions are left to languish.  I remain an optimist and still believe they have time to pull out of the dive and stick the landing.  It does seem these first episodes are moving the pieces to the appropriate positions for the monumental ending, and if that is what happens, I can give these episodes a pass.