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  • 703 - The Queen's Justice

    Can't wait to see the development in Dickons character
    So, is Dickon's character showing development or is Dickon growing as a character?

    Sorry I'm late!
    I think the actor is having a hard time getting up to fully explore the ins and outs of this cocksure character.  The main thrust of his performance so far has been wooden and I'm afraid he's going to blow it.

    I'll see myself out.
  • 310 - "Somebody to Love"

    @CretanBull:  You disagreed on all my points.  I'm not looking for validation, but when you do as such, you come across as a blind apologist for the show.  Fargo is one of my favorite shows and I give it a wide berth, but I just found this finale and subsequent season as meh.

    It's possible you're right about Nikki's intention for Varga.  The scene is ambiguous at best.  If she's really trying to capture him, she sure doesn't try very hard to find him again.

    If as you say her plan is to capture Varga, there is no reason for him to be photographed as he would be in custody making any video of him moot.  If you were going to plan a crime would you want to be photo'd doing it?  When they zoomed in on camera in the elevator, I thought it was Nikki and Wrench watching them.  The photos showing up in police hands just seemed off and only to serve to keep Gloria on the case.  Whatever.  it's fine I guess.

    Really? I should stop watching movies and TV if I choose to criticize troupes?  Isn't this at the heart of what it means to criticize shows and movies? Do not Jim and A-ron do this in the course of their summations?  Sometimes directors/writers use them in creative/inventive ways and are to be lauded.  Sometimes they fall back on unoriginal and lazy story telling devices and should be called out on it.  Surely, you would not argue Hauley and co. could not have come up with something better than escape out of the top of the elevator that we've all seen half a hundred times.

    Ya...i get it.  We're to believe Emmit fixed the car.  I'm no mechanic, but I cannot come up with a scenario whereas a car could drive out to the middle of nowhere, breakdown, and without parts be able to be fixed in short order by someone we have never seen has a mechanical inclination.  I just don't buy it and comes across as the writers wrote themselves into a box and used this as a easy escape route.  If you're good with it, then bully for you.  It sticks in my craw.

    This one you pissed me off on.  First off, we had a 5 month time jump from Christmas so it's spring...not fall/winter.  Secondly, even if it is the darkest days of winter with -30 windchill, who travels around with popcicles in their car?  No freezer needed?  Do you keep your car's interior below zero when you're traveling in the winter? it's just weird.  Why not a Twix or some Arby's?  Just a strange choice.

    I disagree with your assertion the scene would have distracted.  All's it would have had to have been was Mo at the storage locker crime scene with Gloria and a bemused Mo standing their confused as Gloria gives him a look and walks off.  The season made this a large plot point but it wasn't paid off in any fashion save Gloria now with DHS which is cool and all but still doesn't put Mo in his place.

  • 310 - "Somebody to Love"

    Mostly unsatisfied with the finale.  Way too many loose ends and questions for my taste:

    Why did Nikki send the info to the IRS if she was just planning on killing Varga and Emmit?  The IRS angle seemed to only serve as a plot device to get Gloria back on the case.  Ultimately it went nowhere if your CYOA ending had Varga's guy coming in.  Could have served to bring down President Roslin but nothing happened to her apparently.

    Of all the preplanning and scouting she did, why did Nikki choose a storage facility with some sweet hi-res CC tv cameras, or if said cameras were in place and you're planning an ambush, why were they not disabled?  

    The Ol' escape through the top of the elevator trick huh?  You know we know elevators don't have access panels on the ceiling, right?  Can we lose this tired troupe please?  Even if it did exist, where does Varga pick up his sweet American Ninja Warrior skills in order to shimmy himself up an elevator shaft in 15 seconds?  

    It's been talked about above but I'm with the people who see Emmit driving away in the car that initially broke down to be a plot hole.  Also, can't the Minnesota state troopers get together and lobby for some better uniforms?  Woof, those rust brown polyester jobs are quite the eyesore.

    How much shit must Gloria's kid get when his mom pulls the bus over lights and sirens to talk to him?  Where does she keep the popcicles?  She got some dc powered freezer in the cruiser?

    Of all the things I actually wanted to see happen in the finale, the one I was hoping most for was to see Chief Mo eat crow and possibly fired for being the most obtuse (What did you call me?!)  asshole ever to set foot on a tv series.

    I'm sure I'm missing the point, but can someone explain how the opening scene of the season ties in with the rest of it?  I see it as a complete non sequitur.  

  • 309 - Fall

    I have a different take on this episode in that I absolutely hated the portrayal of the elderly in this episode and maybe going back to the entirety of the series.

    The basic message here and I guess it's been a series long thing is once you get old you turn into a complete and utter idiot unable to care for yourself or have independent logical thought in your own best interest.  This is not to say that some people, as they age, do suffer from forms of dimensia and memory loss which could effect their IQ and guile, but man this show has every elderly person being an outright moron and I find it disgusting.

    This episode in particular casts the elderly as cartoonish bafoons.  Are you really telling me that Irene, the head of the class, would not host regular meetings to keep the others in the class abreast of the situation up to and most definitely including settlement offers?  Come On Villigang!?  Is she so socially inept that once she feels her friends turning on her she would not have a simple conversation with one or all of them to find out why she's suddenly getting the cold shoulder?  It's patently absurd and is used as a plot device to move Jimmy closer to Saul, which I agree with Aron is totally and completely unearned.  

    In fact, I would argue the actions Jimmy takes here are maybe even out of character for Saul.  Saul is a sleeze ball no doubt, but throughout the character's tenure on BB, we never see him scamming innocents like this.  I don't see it and consider it a huge misstep on the part of the show runners.  I have been a Jimmy fan in that he has been a reflection of the Robin Hood troupe, but by pushing him in this direction, he has lost all honor and credibility he may have had while being the con man with a heart of gold.  Now he's just an asshole, and it may bite the show in the ass because if you don't have a person to root for, what are you hoping to happen here and why are you watching?

    The final problem I have with this episode is the con of Irene is completely unnecessary here. All Jimmy really has to do is arrange a meeting with the class, of which he already has the confidence of, and lay out his case.  It truly is in everyone's best interest to settle asap if the numbers are at all in the ballpark.  These are after all elderly people who shouldn't be waiting years for a settlement since they may not have that many years left to enjoy the windfall.  But of course a non confrontational simple meeting such as this would not produce the angst necessary to carry an episode of television.  I didn't buy and I didn't like it on all levels.  
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  • 110 - "The Bicameral Mind"

    Loved the finale and am looking forward to next season.  That said I do have a plot hole I haven't heard discussed yet that I'd like to submit for consideration.

    Ford's new narrative ends with Teddy holding a dying Delores on a moonlit beach.  Teddy expounds gloriously on his neverending love for her yada, lights come up and everyone applauds.  All of this is well and good except one thing.  What caused Delores to die?

    The answer, of course, is MiB.  He stabbed her.  We all know this.  This begs the question how is it possible for Ford to have weaved into his master stroke narrative the actions of a guest?  If the narrative has to end with Delores dying a slow lingering death, then someone would have to stab her.  The major plot points of narratives would always need to be fulfilled by hosts as guests are wild cards.  Their actions are unpredictable and as seen in episode 1 as Hector is about to deliver Lee's no doubt inspiring speech, he is shot by a guest, thus ending the narrative prematurely.

    If Ford wanted Delores to die on that beach in the way she did at the time she did, there is no way to count on MiB to put the necessary events in motion.  He could have chosen to do any number of things, killing her right then and there being one of them.  The planned ending to his narrative does not make sense since he could never rely on MiB to stab her in the gut.  

    That is, unless, dare I say it???  MiB = host?????