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  • 2021 Baldies - FINAL VOTING ROUND

    Please help us choose the Best in Bald Move for 2021. Take this brief survey to cast your vote for best drama, comedy, actors, movies, commissioned podcasts, watch parties, Christmases and more!

    The 2021 Bald Move Awards ceremony with me and Jim's picks and final results will be out in late March!

  • 2021 BALDIES Round One Voting Starts now!

    This poll will be open until 3/14, when Round Two will begin! As year's before, this first one is super simple. What's your favorite Comedy, Drama, and Bald Move moment, as well as what was Bald Move's biggest miss for 2021. Next round will have the other listener categories!


    Round 2 will open on Monday 3/14 and close the following Monday 3/14, then the ceremony will come out later that week!

  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    You know, if it were just me, I'd try Succession. I think I won't like it, but fuck it, why not? Jim is never going to watch Succession, even if I tell him it's the best television I've ever seen, which would almost certainly be a lie. It's three seasons in, the first season was meh, we're going to commit to futire seasons which might fuck us if something better comes along, etc. That last one is a big concern because it's obvious that we'll never be able to walk away from a show we don't like without it making a lot of people unhappy.

    I'll stand by every other prestige decision we made in the past two years. Mare of Whogivesashit was meh. I was biting my tongue more or less during the last two seasons of BCS. Yeah, BrBa built us, sure wish BCS was like that show.

    I'm 7 episodes of Yellowjackets and I'm having a lot of fun with it, Jim is through I think ep 4? Certainly going to be an OTC feature. Might be a s2 cover...  but it would be pulp, no?

    Who said we're not covering Pulp? It's all we've been doing. Sci-Fi is absolutely pulp. Get outta here.

    WE OWN THIS CITY is coming in April. If a day one cover of Simon and Pelecanos doesn't please you, maybe we'll be lucky in the back half of 2022?

    At the end of the day, nobody owes us 5 bucks a month, we don't owe anyone 10 hours of our life each week covering a show that doesn't speak to us. Come back when the value proposition works for you, or listen to ads for free.

    We just don't feel desperate to cover prestige TV just because. The movie side of prestige is very popular, way more popular than several recent prestige shows we've covered. It's something we're conscious of, and want to get back to, but we're not going to force it.

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  • "Children of Time" Book Discussion

    Haven't tried Ruin yet. Curious to see how you like it by the end, cause it seems like it gets mixed reviews.