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  • DEMO: Discourse forum software

    Alright, well next step is getting a trial going. Me and Jim are now working on that!
    DeeTeresa from ConcordMichelle
  • Bald Move Christmas 2021! A MERRY SCARY CHRISTMAS!

    Christmas is just around the corner, and as per ush, we're turning the whole month of December into a Club celebration! If you want in on the live on air secret Santa gift exchange, you have to act fast! Find out all our Xmas plans here:  https://baldmove.com/christmas-2021/

    If you want the chance to do an on air gift exchange with us in December, you have to register by November 21st. If you don't want to exchange live on air, then you have until December 1st to register. 

    This year's theme is A MERRY SCARY CHRISTMAS! Featuring a lot of Christmas themed horror/comedies like RARE EXPORTS and KRAMPUS, Christmassy live streams with fun, games, and gift exchanges, festive lunches, and more!

    Everyone is welcome to party with us on our Livestreams and sign up for BM Secret Santa, but the movies, Lunches, are exclusive presents for our Club Members including Patrons!

  • Hoosiers!

    Thanks for all that background info, Josh. After we did our review, I kept reading here and there, and I was amazed at how difficult it seemed to be to work with Gene Hackman. The idea that he only does his best work under intense pressure so he does what he can to make the entire set a miserable pressure cooker, good god, what an asshole. Can act his pants off, but this has to be the dumbest, most destructive magic feather I've heard of aside from heroin.

    I also couldn't believe the NCAA cracked down on those three guys, but I could also totally believe it, because they're a hypocritical, morally bankrupt institution. At least on the football/basketball level.
  • "A Very Belter Christmas"

    Real quick, we're doing a new The Expanse themed Christmas project this year. We're still doing all the regular Bald Move Christmas stuff, this is in addition to celebrate the final season and give back to the larger The Expanse community. We're calling it "A Very Belter Christmas", and I did a write up and brainstorming thread over on the /r/theexpanse subreddit!


    Head over there if you'd like to upvote or post a comment if you got any suggestions along these lines!

  • SCIFI SUNDAY for tonight (09/26/2021) is cancelled.

    Haha, I was trying to talk everybody into doing primal screams off the top of a cliff. But that's not what did it. I'm pretty much 100% after a good night's sleep with my allergy meds back in me. Good enough to do 3+ hours of podcasts today!