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  • The Bourne Identity Podcast

    I thought the rolled up newspaper was a mismemory, but I'm not very confident on calling that kind of stuff out, because, ya know. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I think there is an obvious drop off in quality in the hand to hand stuff, but the cover it up with expanded parkour, excellent car chases, and just an overall increase in the stakes. Perhaps I should have been more specific, because it's not like Ultimatum and Supremacy are bad, just a step down from Identity. I've seen BI like 10+ times, I've seen the other two about twice each.

    I tried to merge this into a new thread, and I'm not sure if I was successful. Anyway, JoshTheBlack found out a fix that is working for a lot of people's forum issues of late, since most of them seem to be affected by google chrome. It seems recent updates to chrome's default security policy have caused this issue. See the next comment for details, but the workaround/fix is this:

    Type "chrome://flags/#schemeful-same-site" in to the address bar.
    Set the "Schemeful Same-Site" flag to disabled.
    It will tell you to reload, so press the reload button.
    Try to log in.

    Jim and I are using this information to see if we can make a simple tweak to our SSL cert on the forum server to make it so you don't have to do this workaround, now that we know what the root cause is. Thanks to all that helped us track this down over the course of the year it has been happening.
  • Can't Login to the Forums?

    I'm glad this is fixing the issue but I'm pretty uncomfortable turning off security features for something as janky as this forum as been.
    I feel that.  Rest assured that this particular feature is one that Chrome has devised and implemented, but would not be active on other browsers at this time.  It's just a feature that Chrome recently flipped the default from disabled to enabled on.  

    I don't think it's a long term solution.  Chrome tends to implement features, slowly add more users defaulted on, then after a short time of little to no issues, removing the ability to turn it off.  

    Jim and Aron are gonna have to figure out how to comply with that security feature before that happens.
    Hey, I appreciate the legwork that you all put into this. Good lord, the hivemind really comes through. I'll go over this with Jim and our developer because if this is indeed a cookie/cert mismatch issue, I think we could get this fixed for minimal cost and time investment.
  • Rick and Morty S5

    I'm super pumped. I love Rick and Morty and no way a bunch of shit heads worshipping Rick nor bad business deals can make a dent in how much the show makes me laugh. The trailer looked crazy and didn't give much away.

    I hope they find a way to make the creative process work and keep the quality relatively high, I'd hate for this show to start wheezing in later years.
  • Keeps

    What pattern baldness do you have? I've heard that some types (the ones more towards the crown of the head) have better results than others (the kind I have, where it's spreads from my hairline back). Also, outside of extreme outliers, this won't grow hair back, it just prevents further or advancing loss.

    But, also, alas, even in the types where it is 85% effective, there are the 15%. If that's you, at least you're at home here at "Bald Move", where 50% of the hosts are experiencing significant hair loss, haha.