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  • Can't Login to the Forums?

    Yeah, this will be a part on the upcoming Empire Business series. What to do about this deal? Because we are absolutely at the end of our rope figuring it out. There is seemingly no rhyme or reason to who can and cannot login. It's account level, it's browser level, a brand new account can login, an account created the day before can't, an account that has been a member for 5 years can't, supporter or non supporter, it's fucking bizarre. I am so, so sorry and I've spent so much time trying to figure it out. The wordpress, vanilla, and recurly plugins we're using to make the unified sign on work are very old and unsupported.

    We got some ideas to pitch to the community on possibly ways to move forward coming real soon.
  • Welcome Wagon Thread! New to Bald Move? Have questions? Introduce yourself here, and/or ask away!

    Nice to meet all the long time first timers! Welcome to the community!
  • Are my BM Texas folks okay?

    Good lord, I just saw a tweet going around where the power company is saying, "don't worry about that $10k bill you'll be getting, we'll let you finance that out for 10 years to make the payments affordable."  What a terrible situation. Even without knowing the interest rate, that's going to wreck a lot of people's fiances. And, I'm not even convinced this won't happen again in the next 10-20 years. So right as you pay off the first once in a life time crisis bill, you get another.

    Hope they find better solutions for Texans, yikes.
  • The Baldies 2020 discussion

    Shum said:
    @Jim @A_Ron_Hubbard ; FYI, the Deliberations 2 video is a duplicate of the Deliberations 1 video. So I'm pretty sure the Best Comedy, Biggest Disappointment, and Best Debut/Pilot deliberations are missing, unless they are included in one of the other videos.
    I have passed this on to Jim, thanks!
  • The Baldies 2020 discussion

    I apologize for insufficiently marketing the Baldies poll this year. I thought twitter + 3 weeks of housekeeping would be enough, but I should have posted something to the forums as well. The number of responses was much lower this year and that's on me.

    This is a good place to float the idea... Jim and I are thinking of moving the Baldies to "around" april 1st.  Doing all of our end of year business work + baldies + groundhog day is getting to be to much for January to contain. The Oscars typically go down in late April, so we'd line up more with traditional awards season, having it on April Fool's Day would be funny AF, and we'd have much more time to actually improve the show and process. Thoughts?

    PS: Eligibility window would be the same. This would also be better, because we did deliberations without having seen the final episode of The Expanse (we later saw it and decided it didn't really effect the results). Pushing the ceremony back to April would give shows premiering in December (which is becoming a thing!) a more fair shot.
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