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  • Singing in the Rain

    Freddy said:
    JaimieT said:
    How many people.

    Would I kill.

    For a Aron & Cecily musical review podcast. 

    Answer, a lot.
    Commissioned Podcasts are headed for a dark comeback. Bald Move Crime Syndicate: "We Commission the Hits. You Commission the Hits."
    Yeah! I can see it. The price to get Jim to watch any one Harry Potter film? 100 names.
  • Anyone else having Baldmove.com redirecting you to a shitty clickbait/ad-click page?

    Dummy said:
    Goddammit, you guys. You took away my boner pill ads! Now where am I supposed to find them!
    Setup a free wiki on the internet and wait for the Viagra to find you.
  • The Worst Moment in A.Ron's Mario Career

    cdrive said:
    Shit like that playing 2 player Contra would get controllers thrown! But 3 times in a row!?!?  :D
    Yeah, someone stealing 3 spread guns in a row would actually lead to bloodshed in my neighborhood.
  • The Worst Moment in A.Ron's Mario Career

    Michelle said:
    So, I saw this when it happened and, as a non-Mario player, I didn't understand what happened.  Someone help please?
    So Cecily was regular Mario, one hit and she's dead AND she lacked the gliding ability the acorn suit grants that's honestly clutch in these kind of aerial levels. Taking the acorns does nothing to help me, it just prevents her from having it. Obviously, that would be a dick move.

    So the first time I grab the acorn I'm just being absent minded, and I forget she's still small fry, but that happens. Then, I heroically go for the last two red coins, really to try and make  up for my transgression, which will grant Cecily a bonus acorn. But in saving myself from these heroics I accidentally crossed over at the exact moment the score was dropping to her, stealing it from her AGAIN.

    Then I was laughing so hard from that I was basically not even playing, and the natural rising from the flying beetle bug caused me to steal the third acorn, my forth for the level. Like, if I had set out with the explicit goal to fuck her over on acorns I couldn't have done a better job. I did not set out with that goal, but you never know what Judge Todd is going to say in court.

    The thing that sells it is we're both kind of passively good enough at the game that we live through it all. That's a pretty hairy level. Although, the defense would like to assert that her reflexive bubbling during the red coins fiasco was indefensible, and was as much the reason for her lack of acorns as anything the defendant did.
  • The Worst Moment in A.Ron's Mario Career

    This happened on the stream last night, and it's slayed every time I've watched it. Which is into the high teens now.