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  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    You know, if it were just me, I'd try Succession. I think I won't like it, but fuck it, why not? Jim is never going to watch Succession, even if I tell him it's the best television I've ever seen, which would almost certainly be a lie. It's three seasons in, the first season was meh, we're going to commit to futire seasons which might fuck us if something better comes along, etc. That last one is a big concern because it's obvious that we'll never be able to walk away from a show we don't like without it making a lot of people unhappy.

    I'll stand by every other prestige decision we made in the past two years. Mare of Whogivesashit was meh. I was biting my tongue more or less during the last two seasons of BCS. Yeah, BrBa built us, sure wish BCS was like that show.

    I'm 7 episodes of Yellowjackets and I'm having a lot of fun with it, Jim is through I think ep 4? Certainly going to be an OTC feature. Might be a s2 cover...  but it would be pulp, no?

    Who said we're not covering Pulp? It's all we've been doing. Sci-Fi is absolutely pulp. Get outta here.

    WE OWN THIS CITY is coming in April. If a day one cover of Simon and Pelecanos doesn't please you, maybe we'll be lucky in the back half of 2022?

    At the end of the day, nobody owes us 5 bucks a month, we don't owe anyone 10 hours of our life each week covering a show that doesn't speak to us. Come back when the value proposition works for you, or listen to ads for free.

    We just don't feel desperate to cover prestige TV just because. The movie side of prestige is very popular, way more popular than several recent prestige shows we've covered. It's something we're conscious of, and want to get back to, but we're not going to force it.

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  • Bald Move Christmas 2021! A MERRY SCARY CHRISTMAS!

    Christmas is just around the corner, and as per ush, we're turning the whole month of December into a Club celebration! If you want in on the live on air secret Santa gift exchange, you have to act fast! Find out all our Xmas plans here:  https://baldmove.com/christmas-2021/

    If you want the chance to do an on air gift exchange with us in December, you have to register by November 21st. If you don't want to exchange live on air, then you have until December 1st to register. 

    This year's theme is A MERRY SCARY CHRISTMAS! Featuring a lot of Christmas themed horror/comedies like RARE EXPORTS and KRAMPUS, Christmassy live streams with fun, games, and gift exchanges, festive lunches, and more!

    Everyone is welcome to party with us on our Livestreams and sign up for BM Secret Santa, but the movies, Lunches, are exclusive presents for our Club Members including Patrons!

  • "A Very Belter Christmas"

    Real quick, we're doing a new The Expanse themed Christmas project this year. We're still doing all the regular Bald Move Christmas stuff, this is in addition to celebrate the final season and give back to the larger The Expanse community. We're calling it "A Very Belter Christmas", and I did a write up and brainstorming thread over on the /r/theexpanse subreddit!


    Head over there if you'd like to upvote or post a comment if you got any suggestions along these lines!

  • SCIFI SUNDAY for tonight (09/26/2021) is cancelled.

    Hey people, sorry for the late notice, I was hoping to rally, but I shredded my throat and voice this weekend. We will not be doing Sci-Fi Sunday. Forgot my Claritan on a two night camping trip + sleeping in 40 degree weather + letting myself getting dehydrated = bad news. Sorry again, look forward to next Sunday!

    I tried to merge this into a new thread, and I'm not sure if I was successful. Anyway, JoshTheBlack found out a fix that is working for a lot of people's forum issues of late, since most of them seem to be affected by google chrome. It seems recent updates to chrome's default security policy have caused this issue. See the next comment for details, but the workaround/fix is this:

    Type "chrome://flags/#schemeful-same-site" in to the address bar.
    Set the "Schemeful Same-Site" flag to disabled.
    It will tell you to reload, so press the reload button.
    Try to log in.

    Jim and I are using this information to see if we can make a simple tweak to our SSL cert on the forum server to make it so you don't have to do this workaround, now that we know what the root cause is. Thanks to all that helped us track this down over the course of the year it has been happening.