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    Was wondering if the guys would bring up the other movie made about this exact material, Infamous, which came out the following year in 2006.  I actually find it to be the superior version of this story:  Toby Jones tops Philip Seymour Hoffman for me: both performances are good, but Jones' feels more natural and less "doing a voice" than Hoffman's.  Where Infamous really soars over Capote, though, is the portrayal of Perry.  The creators of Capote apparently had such a hot take on "Capote is the real villain" that they ended up unbalancing the film when it came to Perry--remember this is supposed to be a man who committed a vicious and infamous crime.  Does Clifton Collins Jr ever give you the feeling he is a man to be feared?  The character of Perry in Infamous is played by Daniel Craig, and while he has scenes where you can see that he has experienced great pain in his life and he is capable of great vulnerability, you never forget that he is capable of great violence too and you feel that danger radiating in Craig's performance. The one role where Capote does it better is Harper Lee: Sandra Bullock plays her well in Infamous, but Catherine Keener was I think perhaps more nuanced (and not to be rude, but probably is overall just a better actor than Bullock). Infamous was directed by Doug McGrath (who also directed the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma) and I think he created the more stylish, balanced version of this story (though Capote is certainly the more well-known, and probably the more financially successful).
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