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  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth. BTW - I couldn't login to the forums with Chrome, I had to use Firefox. Anyone else have that issue?

    Yellow Jackets - I would love to hear them cover this show. Primarily because it's incredibly well acted, especially with the 2021 crew. But I would also love to hear them debate or their thoughts on whether anything Paranormal or Supernatural is going on, or is it just coincidence? This is the latest, greatest Puzzle Box type of show, where people are pausing frame by frame to get even the tiniest of hints. In my experience, this seems like it's right up their ally. There are definitely some parts that someone could write off as ridiculous. But that comes back to whether or not you believe there is something Supernatural or not. The Bear is the biggest one that comes to mind.

    Succession - Yes, I totally wish they would cover this show, but I get it. Succession is like Black Licorice, either you love it or hate it. I know people on both sides. I have no interest in them covering a show they both hate.

    Landscapers - HBO 4 Episode Mini Series. This is totally something right in their wheel house. If they cover The Lighthouse and I'm thinking of Ending things, I can't see how they wouldn't like this. The production, the editing, all of it is exactly why this Podcast exists. Plus it's not a big commitment. It's only 4 Episodes about a True Crime Story. But not dark enough to be depressing. Even after a Pandemic.

    Dexter - Fun for diehard Dexter Fans to get back into that world. But nothing so original that it's remotely worth covering. You know what you're getting and you get. It's like ordering fast food. It might taste great going down, but you'll feel a little uncomfortable later.

    Leftovers - Proof that we all don't agree. I am a huge Bald Move Fan and I know they love this show. I have never gotten past episode 4-5.

    Ozark - There is no reason to not cover this show, far worse shows are covered. Great acting, plenty of drama. Maybe a little formulaic. But what isn't these days? Everything is just another version of something else. Even Avatar was just Dances with Wolves in Space.

    Mare of East Town - I get it. Grim, dark and very depressing while also going through an epidemic. The only thing worse I can think of is reviewing "The Devil all the time" - Yikes. Don't watch that with any razor blades nearby.

    YA Content - I personally would prefer less coverage of shows directed towards Teens or Younger (Regardless of Nostalgia) - Shows like Boba Fett or the Mandolorian in General. Even if I enjoy them, they are not deep enough that I require two people to tell me what's going on. They are pretty basic. That's me. If you have a large YA Audience, then by all means keep it up for them. But it's not for me.

    Something we can all agree on - When A-ron asks Jim if he has any further thoughts or wants to add anything else. The Answer is always "Nope" :-)

  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    I am a retired guitar tech,that did all kinds of custom wiring and switching, mostly for Strats. I have a shitload of parts, tools for fret jobs, radius sanding boards for frets, Pots, Mega Switches, Custom Rotary switches, caps, knobs you name it I have it. Parts that I no longer have a need for, enough to open a guitar repair shop. If anyone is interested, let's talk mastervolume101@gmail.com.
  • Army of the Dead (Netflix 2021, Zack Snyder) SPOILERS

    Two things that would have made this movie much better.
    1. When they first met up and that one guy decided to pull out. He should have been shot by Tanaka's crew. ie: You're in or you're out
    2. After the ending Helicopter crash, the daughter wakes up and Scott should have been gone. And the final scene should be that Scott comes crashing through a window into Tanaka's house as a full blown Alpha Zombie and he tears him to pieces. Leaving us with a ......................Next Movie.
  • What are you binging right now?

    currently it's "Startup" on Netflix. it's a a combination of a Dark Version of Silicon Valley and a Light Version of Mr. Robot. My only concern is there won't be a season 4. It hasn't been cancelled, but nothing is provided for a return. Either way, it's a fun ride.
  • Predator podcast?

    Predator is the perfect Guy Flick. No Bullshit, no bad marriage, no aastranged kid. It's just straight up action right from the start, I will watch that movie any time I come across it while channel surfing. It has exactly 100% zero fluff. There is no other movie like it.