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  • Raised By Wolves - Episode 4 & 5 (spoilers)

    I kind of like it. I feel like it's an extremely simple and common story that is being told in an intentionally confusing and convoluted way to keep us interested. That being said, I am extremely annoyed by the massive number of plot holes.

    1. If the Necromancer's were as powerful as they are represented in this show, the war would have lasted 2 days at best, from the time they had them.
    2. How can these androids eat some food and automatically know it's safe or not for human consumption, but not with other food. And how did they not know the "Carbos" were radioactive?
    3. Why do the kids act their visible age, when they were awake and learning for the 13 years when on the ship? They should be more mature.
    4. What if that prisoner with the helmet (Already doomed to death) just decided to headbutt someone?
    5. Why did it take 12 years for them to notice the "Fruits" on the trees that are everywhere?
    6. Why does someone with an IQ of 205 not understand Reverse Psychology?
    7. When they entered the "Cave" of the yet unknown character, his first booby trap would only work and was perfectly designed for someone wearing a helmet over their face. Since the "Trip" wire was at EYE LEVEL!
    8. Why was no one suspicious that Marcus was unfamiliar with that type of Helmet Imprisonment? 
    9. This is kind of like #1, but I see no reason the Necromancer can't just fly straight to the Sol Group and explode their brains with zero resistance.
    10. Why does it seem like this planet was/is only inhabited by giant extinct snakes and Smeagol's and nothing else? 
    11. Finally, why do the Smeagol's taste like Pork and not Chicken?

    I probably have 10 more, but I;'ll leave it at that. I do understand it's Science Fiction, otherwise it would just be called Science. But some of these gaps are quite large. But other than that, it's 100% fine and I actually want to see where it goes. I just hope it's a limited series and not endless. Despite the above, I am interested in seeing what happens to the Couple pretending to be member's of Sol and what happens if or when they are found out. I'm also curious as to why Campion is immune to Radiation.
  • Ozark canceled?

    I honestly feel like this show hit it's limit in season 3 anyway. Even season 3 was pushing it. I mean really, what else can they do except increase the violence? The story has been told. 
    ken hale
  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    jleav382 said:
    Lost my mexican stratocaster in a robbery back in 2012. Been yearning to pick up this hobby again, I was actually pretty good. 

    I don't Understand? I had an apartment fire in the early 90's. I lost multiple Marshall Amps, Peavey Amps, Fender amps. Plus misc. Speaker cabinets. Also, multiple Stratocaster's of various origin and vintage, An original USA Kramer Baretta. a Kramer Night Swan, plus multiple other Acoustics. Let alone all my recording equipment, original recordings that are gone forever, racks of gear, etc, etc. That sucked more than you could imagine. But it didn't stop me from playing. I just had to start small and start growing my collection back up slowly. I will never have as much as I lost, but my passion for playing was never lost. I know feel I actually have a better setup now than I ever did. But it did tale a little while.
    If you really like playing, I would go to a Pawn Shop and buy any playable guitar you can afford and keep at it. Meanwhile, slowly build you inventory a little at a time. Depending on your style, you don't really need much these days. It's not like the 80's where you needed tons of gear and huge amps. 
    You can now get by in most scenarios with a Good tube Amp, Guitar of your choice (Strat or Les Paul Style) and a couple of pedals and you're good to go for 90% of average gigging situations.