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  • MLB 2022

    St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols is currently having a 3 hit night with a HR and 2 RBIs. It’s not 2002. It’s 2022.

    I hope he finds a way to slap 20 more this season before he calls it a day.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Shang-Chi - Oh yeah, definitely one of the better MCU films. Terrific action (maybe with the exception of that final massive CGI climax), well written characters, performances ranging from solid to great, and one of the franchise's most developed and complex villains. Not often I would find myself hoping a ruthless, longtime warlord reunites with his family so everyone can live happily together, but there you go. And though maybe not the best Marvel origin movie, it may be my favorite origin story in how complete it is without feeling overlong. Thanks to the frequent flashbacks and developments we get throughout the film, Wenwu and his two kids all get rounded into real people whose actions and motivations make sense (okay, maybe a little thinner for Xialing, but something had to give). And though the climax has some of the usual issues with a massive sequence sporting dodgy CGI Marvel films can't seem to escape, I did kind of love how far they were willing to take it.
    I dug the design of the Dweller in Darkness.

  • MLB 2021

    It's awesome that Cleveland changed their name, but their new name and logo are just awful.
    In a league that has the Philadelphia Phillies and the The Angels Angels, I personally find the team name bar to be rather low.
  • Which show had the BEST finale?

    jluzania said:
    I've been told it's MASH.

    But the end of GOT has inspired me to finally finish The Americans and Breaking Bad, so I'll let you know. 
    It took about two years, but I finished both. And both had sublime finales. I struggled with The Americans from time to time, but it ended in a way that made the entire journey worth it.

    And Breaking Bad... well, any show should be so lucky to bow out the way it did. 

    Other shows I finished that have stuck with me since then: Dark, Cowboy Bebop, Legion, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, once it was able to properly wrap up. 

    But to answer the original question again, probably MASH.
  • The unofficial Bald Move New Year’s Eve / Happy New Year 2021 Thread!

    Seems that Phoenix likes to spend its NYE blowing itself up. Much quieter tonight.