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  • 712 - "Say Yes"

    Ratings are way down supposedly because of extreme violence, but that's not it. The show is getting worse and worse. 

    1. Bad writing
    2. Unneeded and failed comic book remixes
    3. Same old tricks. Glenn's dumpster X2, Rick pulling the zombie from the car and something falls off. Seen that so many times now. 
    4., Rick making incredibly stupid pronouncements. 

    Just do the comic and don't even try to write it. Take the dialog straight from the comic, word for word. You'd be better off. 
  • Season 6 comic spoiler thread

    I will predict they will pussy out on the Glenn death because they already pulled the shenanigans this year. To whack him with Lucille would be strange. So, who? Daryl would be best because you really need something so shocking you're mouth is on the floor and you can't believe what you just saw. That's the way the comics roll, but for TV, probably going to be Morgan, as he learns all life isn't precious, especially his. It won't have the needed shock value to set Negan up but the show almost always comes up short in comparison to the comic. The Governor wasn't nearly as twisted as in the comic. Will they water down Negan too? 
  • 105 - "Cobalt"

    I know why your confused Jim. Because none of this really makes any sense. And we've had like one zombie in two episodes? Talk about a cheap budget. The show sucks and I will not be back unless one of the major characters dies. I mean one of the top three. I require a sacrifice. A big one.
  • The Bastard Executioner Series Premiere

    I am a Sutter fan and loved Sons of Anarchy. This one, a poor mans Game of Thrones. It was long and confusing and I just couldn't get into it. Not sure what I'm going to do. Probably give it one more episode. 
  • Mr. Robot Spoilers/Reaction Thread

    Lots to explore in S2. Where and who is tyrell? I also thought he was behind the mask in the f society commercial. You had your revolution occupy NYC now what? The calmness of the E Corp bigwig and the fact revealed that he is in bed with the dark army dude probably means Elliot was played. Awesome show and finale.

    Right! If E Corp is in with the Dark Army, maybe the revolution isn't all it appears to be, which is why the E corp ceo is so calm. I think there is plenty of juice left for season 2