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  • 104 - "Not Fade Away"

    Like Jericho, yes but Jericho was a better show. As I said after the second episode, I don't give a rats ass about any of these people. At this point, it would be more entertaining to see them all die and call it a day. 

    The show could have been so many things. Could have focused on the complete psychological denial and it's consequences. It's doing a half assed job of that now. Could have been a cool "escape from la" kind of thing where they have to navigate the urban landscape in a desperate attempt to get out and to safety. Could have even worked in the corrupt government/military. So, they are dodging both zombies and the military. Could have gone for a medical/csi procedural as a small group of scientists try to unravel the mystery of the zombie disease. Instead, the show is just a heaping pile of shit. 
  • Mr. Robot Spoilers/Reaction Thread

    Finale, great. This is my favorite tv show in awhile, maybe since Breaking Bad. I'm sure there are flaws, but the show is so good, I don't even recognize them. 

    Put this theory in ice for a few years. The whole thing is a fantasy taking place in his head as he sits in the funeral for his father. 
  • 102 - "So Close, Yet So Far"

    I completely get that in this world, they don't really know yet what's going on. They don't understand they are dealing with zombies, and they don't know the rules. Apparently in this world, they don't have zombie comics or movies either, because based on what they have seen so far, it would be pretty apparent. 

    I get it and in that context, their behavior makes sense, I guess, but it sure is frustrating to watch. I think the writers thought this would be an interesting new perspective. It's not working as of yet. If the parents motivation for not telling anything to the kids is to spare them and somehow save them from the horror, I really need a little narration around that point. Even if you don't understand what is exactly going on, you still need to explain what's going on, as best you can. This was a very frustrating episode to watch. 

    I had also mentioned last week how the drug kid seemed all to comfortable in the hospital and now he's going through serious withdrawal. Maybe they gave him the right meds in the hospital to keep him stable. They should have established that. 

    The kid at the school is the only one with any kind of knowledge, but he comes back to the school for his pathetic little knife? Seriously? You could find a better weapon in your own kitchen. Oh, the principal is now a zombie. That wasn't foreshadowed to hard was it? 

    Here is the biggest problem this show has. I don't care about any of these people. That's always a death nail. I'm giving it 2-3 more episodes and I may bail. I wouldn't be surprised to see this done after 1 season.