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  • Denis Villeneuve to direct "Dune" reboot

    Speaking of French directors, I'd love to see Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) make a Dune movie. It could even be another story set in that world. I do love Arrival tho so I don't mind Villeneuve doing this one.  
  • WestWorld - 305: Genre

    lengmo said:
    Did the Genre drug trip serve any purpose? 
    It let them blow all the money they saved by doing 8 episodes on clearing music lol. 
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    JaimieT said:
    I drove to Athens, GA today to get some fast food I had in Houston. It's called Raisin' Canes; it's a Kentucky place(?) I think. Fried chicken. 1.5 hour drive one way, and I listened to so much self-help stuff. I got LOADS of sunlight and a sunlight buzz. I need to get out more.  :D

    Georgia is so beautiful.
    Oooh yes! Love Canes. I grew up in Peach Tree City so I never had it until I moved to Texas. 
  • Westworld - 304: The Mother of Exiles

    lengmo said:
    ^ Bernard thought he was a real guy too.

    And, how is it that Maeve has so much control over, I dunno, the Grid? Did awful-accent-French-guy have her “enhanced?”
    Perhaps the wireless network tech Maeve used in those parks she was in to control hosts is the same tech used in the real world/futureworld.  I'm wondering, after her bad loss to Mulores, if Maeve's host will get some physical upgrades or allies as she's clearly not going to be much use to Serac if she keeps coming in second in fights.

    I find it believeable. Literally every household appliance you can think of has some kind of wireless connectivity now from printers, to doorbells, to juice presses lol. My phone can't talk directly to my printer but it can indirectly thru my WiFi which is a wireless mesh network like the hosts in Westworld. Also, as someone who got hacked just using Starbucks' WiFi, I don't find it hard to believe that Maeve could hack into these networks. I mean google "hacker steals car" haha.
  • Westworld - 304: The Mother of Exiles

    It just hit me they're doing Kubrick references this season. Episode 1 it was 2001, and then this episode the masquerade orgy party harkens to Eyes Wide Shut. The Shining is one of my fav movies so hopefully it gets a reference too.