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    cdrive said: but 
    Oooh baby. A self-centering 4-jaw chuck. I’m so used to 4-jaws being non-self-centering headaches. A dovetailed ID grip in a mortise with a bevel for safety if I understand correctly, nice.  Do commissions or just do personal hobby stuff?  
    I’m doing a few things(salsa platters) for friends but I’m trying to figure out. What to do with all the stuff I’ve done so far.
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    I know he’s got a bad rep but I have been watching Ryan Adams just show up on Instagram and play acoustic. He put out a decent album and he just shows up and plays a few songs. Today he played 16 Days from his Whiskey Town days. It’s amazing that this happens and I’m just blown away by it.
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    cdrive said:I 
    kingbee67 said:
    Feeling pretty with the bowl I made with acacia wood. Had a couple of good turns the last few weeks.

    link to my Instagram
    Beautiful. Is that a 3-jaw self-centering chuck on a lathe? How do you your fixturing/workholding to not damage the wood or do you just chuck onto a scrap tail of wood you look off when done? 
    I usually go with a mortise on bowls. I have cracked the wood but I go deep with the mortise. I have a dovetail tool that helps me keep the piece on the chuck. I used a tenon before but that has gone bad because I didn’t do a good bevel. Early on I did have pieces fly off and hit me. I have tried to be more safe and correct my mistakes. Also I use Nova 2 chuck which has four jaws.
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    @Chinaski pointed out that Gift Of Gab the hip hop artist passed away on another thread. I wanted to ad to this by pointing out one of my favorite albums 4th Dimensional Rocket Ship Going Up. One of the first Underground hip hop albums I bought in 2004. I listened to this album a lot on some great late night bike rides. My favorite track is Way of the Light. GOG had a lot of great tracks. His work on The Grouch and Eligh’s All In.
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    Thinking of selling some of my stuff at my work. Not sure on pricing. At least I have a business name and sign.